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Nifty – Falling Wedge Formation. Be Alert !!

In Nifty Technical View

In our previous post we mentioned about a trade from 7300 to 7600 which worked well. In this one we would wait for a reversal signal in coming days. Although technically 7200 +-100 points remains our support zone and buying area its always tough to get every bottom right. Its [...]

Bank Nifty – Double Bottom Confirmation if crosses 15500-15700.

In Nifty Technical View

This is a quick Technical View on Bank Nifty Bank Nifty Technical View In the last 2 days Bank Nifty has made same bottoms around 14750 similar to the one last month. RSI is on an uptick indicating divergence. Major supports on the longer term chart is placed at 14500 [...]

Nifty Calculator February 2016 – Market Kya Lagta hai ?

In Nifty Technical View

Back again with a quick post on Nifty Calculator. Do use it to get possible Nifty zones. NIFTYCALCULATOR February 2016.xlsx   This exercise has helped me pick bottoming out zones pretty well over the years. It would be of great help if you can put your gut feel/technical/fundamental optimistic and [...]

Nifty Technical View – Detailed Video. Bottoming out.

Hi, This is a detailed explanation of our technical view on Nifty made by team mate Ankit Chaudhary Do check it out.

Nifty 2016 is a very different animal from Nifty 2008 !!

In Sunday Thoughts

Over the last couple of days have seen a lot of discussions as to how Indian markets are possibly getting into a phase like 2011 ( my view ) and 2008 ( the fear view) and how a lot of sectors are so troubled. So everyone has a view from [...]

Midcap and Smallcaps – Nothing to Worry be Selective !!

In Nifty Technical View

In the last two days a lot of midcaps/smallcaps have corrected and a lot of portfolios would be down 5-10%. But the amount of media coverage and panic is amazing as if stocks should only go up. There have to be corrections/mini crashes etc. So lets look at the midcap [...]

Nifty 2016 and 2012 – Will Consensus of Downgrades be Wrong Again ?

In Nifty Technical View

We have had one of the ugliest starts to any year across global markets in 2016. This is in stark contrast to what  market-men expected in this  year. Although my expectations were not very positive but it was definitely not a negative year. Luckily the focus was on #midcaps/#smallcaps and [...]

MultiBaggers – Google Trends crosses 2007 highs !!

In Sunday Thoughts

I got this idea from a whatsapp group where somebody showed a chart on Google Trends for the word multi-bagger and this data on circuits today ( not verified). 532 Stocks were on Upper ckt today-29 stocks were at 20%, 53 at 10% and 347 at 5%. Is this the [...]

Nifty Calculator – January 2016 – Kya Lagta Hai

In Nifty Calculator

This is an interesting exercise i have decided to do every month. Earlier had used this only post a good correction or rise. There are three sheets - Normal, Optimistic and Pessimistic. Change the expected prices in the top 10/20 stocks and you can get a good idea for Nifty. [...]

Retail Trader/Investor Cycle and Equity Sentiment Cycle – Poll.

In Sunday Thoughts

This is very common with a lot of retail investors. Trying to buy stocks discussed on business channels/ blogs/ train talks and what not. Either they sell out on the first dip after the euphoria and miss out on the best multi-bagger or they hold something so long till it [...]