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Technical Trades – March 2015 – Detailed Report @ Rs 2499

In Technical Traders Club

We have just released Technical Trades – March 2015 – A detailed report.   We did not release the monthly report for last couple of months as the number of opportunities were lesser and focus was towards coming out with actionable ideas for existing subscribers.   The following report is [...]

Career Options for a Technical Analyst.

Before i start the post this is based on my limited knowledge and experience in this ever evolving industry of finance. These views are personal and can be wrong and terribly biased. Warning - Its a lengthy post What does a Technical Analyst do ? He makes some random trendlines, [...]

Multi-Year Breakout Charts – Tata Chemicals all time and 6 year highs

In Technical Analysis

  Tata Chemicals -> Last 6 years the stock has made 3-4 attempts at 450. -> For last 6 months the stock has been consolidating around the zones. -> All time highs and 6 year highs. -> This could be start of a long term uptrend. -> Till it holds [...]

Future Consumer Enterprises Limited – Cup and Handle Breakout.

In Technical Analysis

  Future Consumer Enterprises Limited -> The stock has formed a cup and handle pattern. -> Breakout confirmed above 15 with volumes. -> Recent lows at 13 should act as support. -> Pattern suggests upside to 18-20. Disclosure – Stock has been recommended and safe to assume vested interests. STANDARD [...]

Stoplosses and False Breakouts ? What strategy to take.

In Technical Analysis

Its been quite a while since i have written a post due to a lot of new concerns.   This is an educational post and have not personal exposure or financial interest in the stock being discussed.   This is the chart of Apollo Tyres     -> The stock [...]

#NSE rates broadcast issue. #BSE and #NSEFUT working fine

In Technical Analysis

  It seems today there is a big issue in price broadcast by NSE.   On the screen one can see a huge price difference in NSE and BSE   The trade execution is fine if you put a price closer to BSE prices.    Trade execution , order delivery [...]

Technical Trades – Hits and Flops .How to trade Triangles ?

In Hits and Misses

As we have stopped putting any stock specific recommendations starting a new set of posts on technical trade examples without naming stocks. Some which turned out right and some which did not.   Even if you guess the stock do not take it as a recommendation. We have our risk [...]

The Investing Lab – Bridging Theory and Practice–Training Program 14th-15th February 2015 !!

In The Investing Lab

Why are we doing this Training-  The Investment Lab – Bridging Theory and Practice–? .   The simple and selfish reason is I want to learn and so does my super quick short term technical team mate – Ankit –:). The first two seats in the first row are already [...]

Crude – Brent and WTI at Long Term Supports.

In Commodities

Before i start let me be clear that Commodities is not what i look into often so do your own research and do not consider this for your any decisions.   In my last post on Crude had mentioned about how the medium trend had changed. But if only i [...]

Now is the Best Time for Successful Investors to give Gyaan on Investing.

In Sunday Thoughts

I had written a similar post couple of months back.  Best time for Advisors to show Performance Reports/CAGR to sell their services – Part 1   In the post we discussed as to how from the lows of August-October 2013 a random portfolio would have given a return of 130% [...]