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DCB Bank – A range breakout and Highs trade.

In Technical Trades

In our recent Webinar had mentioned about this stock as well as have been recommending the same from 110-120 in Technical Traders Club  Do not take this as a buy recommendation but for educational purpose. Do read the disclaimer and disclosure.  This is the chart from the recent webinar.   [...]

Welspun India and Trading Technically Presentation

In Technical Analysis

This is the Welspun India chart of the previous post This is how the chart looks now   We did a webinar last Saturday. Here is the presentation which was used in the Webinar. Trading technically and market view by @nooreshtech from Nooresh Merani Trading technically and market view by [...]

Webinar Recording-Trading Technically and Market View .

In Webinar

Today morning we did a Webinar - Trading Technically and Market View. Hope to do more such webinars in the series - Trading Technically.   One can download the Webinar Recording from the link below.   Webinar Recording – Trading Technically and Market View.     ( Its [...]

August 2013 & May 2015 comparisons. Midcap and Smallcap Indices – Go stock specific.

In Nifty Technical View

Nifty has been doing volatile moves and will continue to do so while making a bottom. Giving good trading opportunities.   These are some charts I had made on the August 2013 and May 2015 similarities. It is possible to see a whipsaw similar to previous Head and Shoulder breakdowns. [...]

Nifty Technical View – Bottoming out is a Process

In Nifty Technical View

This is a note that was sent to Technical Traders Club today in the morning. Expect a bottoming out but it wont be easy will test patience.   Reproducing the same.     -> RSI making positive divergences in last 3 bottoms. -> RSI is at oversold levels similar to [...]

Nifty Calculator – Market Kya Lagta hai – Do it Yourself?

In Nifty Calculator

For the last so many days the standard question is – Market Kya Lagta hai ?   Its always a tough question to answer after a 10% up or down move as markets never continue on one side forever.   We have been doing this exercise for the last 4 [...]

9 Year Blogging Anniversary & Traders Carnival Presentation

In Technical Analysis

I really don’t know the exact date when I started blogging as the progress was this way. Started writing on Orkut –> Blogger –> Transition to Self-hosted Wordpress. ( also other chat forums on moneycontrol, poweryourtrade, icharts etc ) Realized it’s a 9 year anniversary when I got a linkedin [...]

The Investing Lab-Bridging Theory and Practice–Training Program Delhi 30-31st May 2015 !!

In Technical Analysis

Last we had a nice session in Bangalore in March. The next one now travels to Delhi.     The Investing Lab – Delhi Session – May 30-31st   Date: 30th and 31st May, 2015 Timings: 9 am to 6 pm   Venue : To be decided soon. Fees:  Rs [...]

Free Webinar – Trading Technically and Long Term Technical View

In Webinar

Its been a long time since conducted a webinar. Expect more of them this financial year.   The last webinar was pre-elections in March 2014 – Indian Elections – Do they Change Trends – ( Download the Webinar )   It will be a two hour webinar on May 16th [...]

Interesting Reads – Books, Articles and Events

In Interesting Reads

Continuing with Interesting Reads section. In todays post writing about a few articles, books and events.     On this day, in 1992 @suchetadalal Broke the Harshad Mehta Scam. Got to read this book - The Scam.  By Authors: Debashis Basu and Sucheta Dalal   Also the other two interesting [...]