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"NooreshTech" – Android App is Live Now.

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  First of all a big Thanks to all the Readers of NooreshTech for your attention over the years and encouragement. In the next step to making your reading experience better and easier we are pleased to announce the launch of the Android App. DOWNLOAD THE APP -  Please [...]

Nifty in 2006 and 2015 – Deja Vu ? Wishful Thinking ?

In Nifty Technical View

This is an interesting observation and remind me back of the days. Had started blogging in 2004-2005 with orkut and then this blog. This is the chart Nifty will it bottom at 7500-7600 or even go to what people talk about 7200. I dont know but my bet is 7500-7600 [...]

A drop of 15% in Nifty from Top and other Indices – Does it Scare you or you Smell Opportunity ?

In Technical Analysis

Peak to Bottom drop in various major Indices. CNX 100 -  Down 13.7% CNX 200 - Down 13.8% CNX 500 - Down 13% CNX Auto - Down 16.3% CNX Bank Index - Down 22.4% CNX FMCG - Down 12.8% CNX IT - Down 11% CNX Midcap - Down 10.7 % [...]

Interesting Tweets of the Week – August 31 2015

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Did not get time to write this section of Interesting Tweets for couple of weeks. Here are some interesting tweets. The list is longer then usual.   We were wrong abt sensex 36k fy16 tgt then we were wrong about 32k fy16 tgt and now its 28k with chance of [...]

RSI at 2008/2011 Lows – Big Buy Opportunity coming – Nifty Technical Analysis – Video !!

In Nifty Technical View

Hi, Its been a long time I did a Video Analysis on Nifty. More due to the amount of time it takes as well as my focus on trade ideas for clients. The last time I did a detailed video analysis was at 6000 Nifty in February 2014 and the [...]

Fear at a 10 year High -India Vix/Nifty and CBOE Vix/Dow Jones signals major bottoming out

In Nifty Technical View

We had also covered about Vix hitting 40 levels in US in 2011 and many articles back then. One of the detailed articles -  We are back to 10 year high on Fear. Nifty Volatility Index  - IndiaVix View -> At the onset such drops to panic lows do [...]

Interesting Tweets of the Week – 17th August 2015

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  "At one time we had 0 tax for IT Cos.Led to germination of fraud Co's showing cooked profits. Seed Co's pay no tax." My tweet from 29/4/2014 — sandip sabharwal (@sandipsabharwal) August 17, 2015   Kaveri Seeds entry into the F&O segment should be properly investigated. Downhill since then. [...]

Kaveri Seeds – Technically a Breakdown or Something More ?

In Techno Funda

This company - Kaveri Seeds has been a darling of a lot of Value Investors in the last couple of years. Even after a dorp of 50% from top it is still up 5x in last 3 years. So the love with the stock has been very beneficial. For someone [...]

Smartlink Network Systems – Cash Bargain with Digital India theme – Techno Funda Pick

In Techno Funda

#Disclosure - The stock has been recommended at various levels between 90-105 in Technical Traders Club and Big Value services.   This is a company which i have covered many a times before at 40 bucks in 2012 on the blog. In terms of relative opportunities it has not been [...]

Technical Trades – August 2015 Report at Rs 2499

In Technical Traders Club

We have just released Technical Trades – August 2015 – A detailed report. We did not release the monthly report for last 3-4 months as the number of opportunities were lesser and focus was towards coming out with actionable ideas for existing subscribers. The following report is part of our [...]

Indian Equity Markets – Bull Market with 60% stocks below 2008 highs ?

In Sunday Thoughts

In the last few months we have continously heard about how this Bull Market is here to last and how great it has been. ( There were hardly any believers of the Bull Market in March 2014 when we came out with this report - Indian Elections - Do they [...]