Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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Nifty at 5000 or 7500 on downside or 10000 or 12000 on Upside –Take Your Guess.

In Technical Analysis

There have been a lot of targets for Nifty across the board. Some will talk about 5000-7500 and some bullish will be at 1000-12000. In our last post we looked at how Broader Markets are very close to the pain as it had seen in 2008. Nifty Calculator – Download [...]

Equity–Never been so Bad so Quick. What Next ?

In Technical Analysis

The current move has beaten all historical records. Did not expect it to be 2008 but the ferocity of the move and the nature has broken 2008 records. The move is a case of liquidation and panic with no logic as there has been not even a few days of [...]

What Happens When Nifty is Highly Oversold–Opportunity for Medium Term.

In Technical Analysis

In our earlier post –S&P 500 and VIX–Fear at 10-25 Year Highs–Time to Buy and be Contrarian we looked at how US markets have priced in a lot of fear. Nifty had not hit oversold levels but now it has hit a RSI of 23-25 and is now Highly Oversold. [...]

Smallcaps showing Strength for the first time since 2018

In Technical Analysis

What is interesting in the current #mayhem is #SmallcapIndices have fallen in-line with the #Nifty. In earlier drops, we would generally see 1.5-2.5 x the Nifty moves in #SmallcapIndices. Look back into #smallcaps you liked and missed in December. Ever since 2018 the Ratio Chart of Smallcap/Nifty has continued to [...]

S&P 500 and VIX–Fear at 10-25 Year Highs–Time to Buy and be Contrarian

In Technical Analysis

Its been some time since have made a youtube video on the market condition ( 1st video in 2008( Major bottoms in S&P 500 made when CBOE Vix tops out at 40-45. 2-4 sessions a low is made or in next 2-6 weeks average. A lot of support price points [...]

Dow Jones & Nifty Technical View

In Technical Analysis

Dow Jones Technical View RSI and Dow Jones Daily Chart with price labels. Dotted Green lines show what happened when Dow Jones RSI dropped to 30 or lower. 2-3 close lines are positive divergences. In 2018 we bottomed out a few times around 30 RSI and had 2-3 bounces from [...]

Smallcaps on Radar–Niit Limited, Ceat Limited, Fairchem Speciality

In Technical Analysis

Disclosure – The stocks have been recommended to clients and vested interests. Please do your own research and risk management. Read the disclaimer and disclosure. NIIT Limited – A triangle breakout on cards above 110-112. Upside to 140 possible. Stops a little deep at 95-100 Ceat Limited – Breakout on [...]

LargeCaps at Support – PowerGrid, Indusind , Adani Ports , M&M – DECMA EVENT

In Technical Analysis

There are two ways to take a trade around Supports. One is to  buy around support with a strict stoploss. Second is to sell short on breakdown. Both the trades are tough to setup but risk-rewards tend to be good if the bounce or breakdown plays out. Power Grid – [...]

Long Term Trend Change Charts–BSE Limited, Sun TV and SBI

In Technical Analysis

BSE LIMITED – Breakout with volumes and sustaining. Finally a long term trend change. Can head up slowly and steadily. Stoploss 520.   SUN TV — Sustaining above 510 would be indications of a long term trend change. Momentum above 550 should increase. Stoploss 480 SBI Limited – The big [...]

Buy Blue Chips–You will never Lose Money–10 Blue Chips with zero return for a decade.

In Technical Analysis

When I entered the market in 2004-2007 heard following things Pharma is a defensive sector will not give a lot of returns. FMCG are slow moving stocks best meant for retired investors who own from 1970-1990. Real Estate Stocks have lot of hidden Land Value , India needs Infrastructure so [...]