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Technical Traders Club Membership – Half Yearly & Annual

In Technical Traders Club

Technical Traders Club – Nooreshtech     This is an interesting product on which I have been working over the last year. On similar lines we had earlier come out with Technical Trades Monthly reports which were very well received by the readers.   In the last 9 months we [...]

Technical Analysis Training – Mumbai November 15-16 – PAY AS YOU WANT.

In my recent post -   Best time for Advisors to show Performance Reports/CAGR to sell their services – Part 1 had mentioned about how we are planning something interesting in our training programs before we increase prices.   We have been conducting technical analysis training workshops for the last 8-9 [...]

SBI – Verge of Triangle Breakout. Can it change the trend ?

In Triangle

  SBI TECHNICAL VIEW   -> A triangle formation and a breakout on sustaining 2600-2650 band. -> Near term resistance at 2800 would be a first target. -> Most importantly after making a double bottom a cross above 2650 will indicate a major trend change for the stock. -> Also [...]

Dow Jones and VIX Co-Relation – Close to Bottom

Just released an interesting detailed report on Global Indices/Nifty View and Technical Picks for subscribers of Technical Traders Club    One of the charts in the report.   Dow Jones and VIX have an opposite co-relation. VIX has hit 25-30 levels yesterday and this is the highest in last 2-3 [...]

Best time for Advisors to show Performance Reports/CAGR to sell their services – Part 1.

In Technical Analysis

In the last couple of months you will notice a few common things.   1) Value Investment Advisors showing their 1 year performance returns. 2) Technical Analyst Advisors showing monthly/quarterly/annual performance. 3) Fund Management Companies coming out with New Closed Ended Schemes/NFOs/ and products for Equity. 4) New Breed of [...]

Interesting Small Cap Company – T T Limited

In Technical Analysis

This is an interesting company in the Textile Sector.   Disclosure : The stock has been recommended at 34-38 and 42-43 in Big Value 2.0 and Technical Traders Club. So we have vested interests. Please do your own research and read the disclaimer.   Technical Reason     -> The [...]

Momentum Breakouts – Clariant Chemicals and Zee Entertainment and Federal Bank on Radar

In Momentum Trade

  -> Clariant Chemicals has confirmed a breakout today with volumes and sustaining above the 950 mark. -> Can be a medium term pick for upsides to 1300. -> Stoploss closer to 880-900.   Disclosure : Like the stock fundamentally too and recommended to Technical Traders Club       [...]

Flipkart does 600 crores sales on Big Billion Day. HDFC Bank should make some money !!

In Sunday Thoughts

Everybody has been shouting, cursing, writing about the The Big Billion Day Sale of Flipkart.   So let me add some more bullshit on this :) Also after a 5 day weekend its anyways tough to focus on markets right away :)   I believe a lot of us have [...]

S&P upgrades India rating to Stable – No Big Deal !

In Timepass

The big news for today which led to the sharp jump and short covering in Nifty was S&P upgrading India to stable and BBB-   Now suddenly there will be a lot of biased opinions.   Bullish Bias – S&P upgrades India. Wow now you see how the dollars will [...]

Technical Trades – October 2014 @ 1999

Hi,   We have just released our Technical Trades October 2014 report.   Contains View on Nifty/Midcap Index/SmallCap index.   Top Midcap Conviction bets.   Smallcap Ideas.   We will be adding more ideas in coming week.   You can subscribe the report at Rs 1999.     [...]

Nifty – Wait for Calls of 6400/7000 and so on.

In Nifty Technical View

Nifty has dropped around 300 points from the top but it has led to a sudden change in the stance from analysts, investors and so on. But markets dont move in line of consensus but the other way round. So sentimentally let us wait for 7300/7000/6400 targets to come from [...]