Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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Stocks on Radar–Astec Life, Bajaj Corp, DLF, VSSL

In Technical Analysis

Some interesting charts on radar. Astec Life – Range bound 500-670 … Can it get out ? Bajaj Corp – FMCG stock in a range for 2-3 years. Can it breakout above 520 ? VSSL – Interesting company with promoters buying and QIP… Can it breakout from the triangle.. on [...]

Nifty Bounces– Down 550 points from Top and Up 650 points from Bottom.

In Technical Analysis

Nifty is now at 10600 and is almost at a bounce of 650 + points from the lows of 9950. From the highest point of 1171 its down by roughly 550 points. Almost 50-60% of the fall has been retraced. The view has worked on expected lines – Global Indices [...]

Technical Charts on Radar – Ahluwalia, AIFL, Bharat Rasayan, Blue Star, Castrol, GAEL, Godrejcp, HindZinc, JamnaAuto, JCHAC, Lumax Auto Tech, Menon Bearings, Network18, Petronet, SBI Life, Vguard, Voltas

In Technical Analysis

Hi, Some of the charts made by team mate - Harsh Doshi Stocks Covered : Ahluwalia, AIFL, Bharat Rasayan, Blue Star, Castrol, GAEL, Godrejcp, HindZinc, JamnaAuto, JCHAC, Lumax Auto Tech, Menon Bearings, Network18, Petronet, SBI Life, Vguard, Voltas   Ahluwalia above 430 Bharat Rasayan above 5000 Bluestar above 830 Castrol Above 215 [...]

Godrej Consumer Products & ITC Limited–FMCG Breakouts

In Technical Analysis

This has been a sector which has been in a strong trend. We last covered it a year back – Sector in Focus – FMCG  - They have been leaders apart from ITC being a major laggard. Now we are looking at a potential momentum and breakout in ITC in [...]

Exide Industries and AmaraRaja Batteries–Time for a Comeback ?

In Technical Analysis

Although we have seen all Auto Ancillaries do well as well as the Auto Companies but these two stocks have been laggards. Finally the prices seem to be giving an indication of a comeback. Amar Raja – After a breakdown the 830-860 mark has been a resistance zone. Can it [...]

Why do Traders Go Bust and Investors Get Lost !!

In Technical Analysis

I was going through a podcast of Nithin Kamath by Anupam Gupta ( @b50 on twitter ) on the topic of trading where he mentions how he went bust a few times in initial years. I got a hit and realized how its very common for traders to go bust [...]

Technical Analysis Training Bangalore–5th and 6th May 2018

In Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis Training Bangalore Date:5th and 6th May 2018 Timings:9 am to 6 pm Venue : Iris Hotel 70, Brigade Road, Bangalore-560 025 Fees Rs 16520 ( 14000 + 9% CGST and 9% SGST ) ( No Discounts ) Registration and Payment Link Bank Account Details for Payment ICICI [...]

Random Portfolio 2017-2018–Outliers,Wealth Destroyers,Alpha-yuck !!!

In Technical Analysis

This is a long post with a lot of data and can get boring But it was fun to write. We have been doing the Random Portfolio Exercise for the last few years. This financial year 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018 has been one interesting year ( lots [...]

The Agnostic Portfolio–Advisory Product

In Technical Analysis

Technical Traders Club is now - The Agnostic Portfolio Recently we have been seeing a lot of focus on either the Momentum Portfolio a bunch of stocks on a set of conditions, Trading System for Index or Stock Trades, Deep Value or Growth Investing, Can slim or various styles. There [...]

Global Indices drop 10% because of Long Term Capital Gains Tax in India :)

In Technical Analysis

Whenever the markets correct there are a lot of headlines giving reasons for the correction !! Above can be a good headline as Global Indices across the world have corrected 10% since February 1st  Another nice Tweet to sum it up. Miles law:Where you stand depends on where you sitWhy [...]