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Technical Trades – Hits and Flops .How to trade Triangles ?

In Hits and Misses

As we have stopped putting any stock specific recommendations starting a new set of posts on technical trade examples without naming stocks. Some which turned out right and some which did not.   Even if you guess the stock do not take it as a recommendation. We have our risk [...]

The Investing Lab – Bridging Theory and Practice–Training Program 14th-15th February 2015 !!

In The Investing Lab

Why are we doing this Training-  The Investment Lab – Bridging Theory and Practice–? .   The simple and selfish reason is I want to learn and so does my super quick short term technical team mate – Ankit –:). The first two seats in the first row are already [...]

Crude – Brent and WTI at Long Term Supports.

In Commodities

Before i start let me be clear that Commodities is not what i look into often so do your own research and do not consider this for your any decisions.   In my last post on Crude had mentioned about how the medium trend had changed. But if only i [...]

Now is the Best Time for Successful Investors to give Gyaan on Investing.

In Sunday Thoughts

I had written a similar post couple of months back.  Best time for Advisors to show Performance Reports/CAGR to sell their services – Part 1   In the post we discussed as to how from the lows of August-October 2013 a random portfolio would have given a return of 130% [...]

Bse and NSE Smallcap Index – Consolidation before the next trending move.

In Technical Analysis

  Bse Small Cap Index   -> The index is still down 20% from the highs of 2008 and there are many stocks which are still down 60-95% from the highs of 2008. -> The highs of 2010 are still giving a lot of resistance and 3 attempts in last [...]

Sensex/Nifty touched 200 dma and recent lows of 7730. Interesting Signal !

In Technical Analysis

We have been using the Dollex 30 and Defty Charts in our analysis for the last many years to find some interesting turnaround points.   We have been mentioning about this in our various reports.   This post in August 2013 - BSE DOLLEX 30 – Sensex in Dollar Terms [...]

Nifty – RSI oversold at 30. Channel Supports. Time to Accumulate.

In Technical Analysis

  -> Nifty is now back from overbought zones of 70s RSI to a oversold zone of RSI 30. -> Last we saw such oversold levels was at 6000 Nifty dip in February. -> Also a lot of channel supports at 8050-8150 and breakout points. -> The last bottom is [...]

Technical Trades December 2014 – @ 1999

In Technical Analysis

We have just released our Technical Trades December 2014 report. Contains View on Nifty/Bank Nifty / SmallCap index.   Top Midcap Conviction bets.   Smallcap Turnaround Companies .     We will be adding more ideas in coming weeks.     You can subscribe the report at Rs 1999.   [...]

Technical Analysis Training – Hyderabad- January 17-18 – PAY AS YOU WANT

In Technical Analysis

We have been conducting technical analysis training workshops for the last 8-9 years now.   The 2 day training workshop has been priced at Rs 14000 for the last 8 years. We plan to increase the same in the next financial year. Hopefully will conduct more sessions next year instead [...]

Nifty – Corrections will come and go.

In Technical Analysis

  Nifty Technical View   -> Ever since elections the market has seen support around the 50 dema or at the channel support. -> 50 dema is placed around 8260. -> Channel support closer to 8150-8180. -> The trend remains up till we continue to hold the channel supports or [...]