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"NooreshTech" – Android App is Live Now.

In Technical Analysis

  First of all a big Thanks to all the Readers of NooreshTech for your attention over the years and encouragement. In the next step to making your reading experience better and easier we are pleased to announce the launch of the Android App. DOWNLOAD THE APP -  Please [...]

ACC – At major supports – Will it Breakdown ?

This is a stock which generally does not interest me given that it has been in a sideways range for long. As of today the stock is interestingly placed at important supports. ACC TECHNICAL VIEW 6-7 bottoms in the range of 1340-1350. Good bounce backs seen in previous attempts. Next [...]

QuickTwits – Interesting Tweets of last week – 27th July 2015

In Twitter

    SBI wrongly credits woman Rs.95,700 Crores !! #SBI — alphaideas (@alphaideas) July 27, 2015     1 in 3 jobs created in last 10 years from Real Estate. Now RE in shambles. RBI should cut rates by 2% & Developers shld drop prices by 20%. — P.N.VIJAY [...]

QuickTwits – Interesting Tweets of the Week – July 2015

In Interesting Tweets

Hi This is a section which i have been posting only on the Android App - every few days. Will start putting it on the blog too if you all like it. Do comment   A co that "advertises" it's fact of being listed rather than the work it does!!! [...]

Atul Limited – Triangle Breakout

This stock has been one of my favorites over the years for a clean management and has given me a lot of profitable trades and investments. This is the last time i posted on the stock at 450-500. Atul Limited - Investment Pick The stock has given a triangle breakout [...]

Technical Analysis that Works – Free Ebook – Chapter 3

In Learn Technical Analysis

This is in continuation to the previous post about the Book - Technical Analysis that Works You can read the first two chapters on this link - Free Ebook Chapter 1 and 2 The 3rd Chapter covers - Channels and Double Tops/Double Bottoms. Channels and double top & double bottom [...]

Sector Charts – CNX Energy and CNX Auto

In Nifty Technical View

A couple of interesting sector charts by my team mate - Ankit Chaudhary Also mentioned in the chart are the top 10 weightages of the CNX Energy and CNX Auto.  

Indian Hume Pipes – New All Time Highs.

In Multi-Year Highs

Stock is all set to breakout into new all time highs. Also 6 month highs. Good volumes in past couple of weeks. An interesting company fundamentally. #Disclosure - The stock was recently recommended in Technical Traders Club at 320. Just released a list of 4 long term stocks in Technical [...]

Technical Analysis Training Delhi – August 22-23rd 2015.

We have been doing this program of late mainly in Mumbai ( home city ) but we earlier did quite a few sessions in Delhi. So post quite a few requests for Delhi. Here we come. Technical Analysis Training Session – Delhi – August 22-2rd 2015 Course Details Important Features [...]

Balaji Tele – Will it be a Breakout or False Breakout?

In Stock Technical View

This is going to be an interesting trade which we have in Technical Traders Club Balaji Tele has been one laggard and a deceiving stock for technical as well as fundamental investors/traders. The last time i wrote about it it took a deep dive post a false breakout - Article [...]

CNX Midcap Index in All time Highs

In Midcaps

Just a week back had tweeted this Today the Nifty has crossed the last 2-3 months highs of 8500-8550 but it was at the same price 6 months back as well. In the same period we have seen crazy stock specific moves. ( Case in point look at Textile Sector [...]