Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh

Some good stocks… .

Sorry no charts no time .. neways if u ppl like da writeups write in some comments

ITD cement overcorrected … Please fundamental people keep a check on thsi counter n lemme

know if u hav done some real in depth analysis…

SKUMARs i like the stock can move up netime play big …

ALLSEC tech one more IT co which can runaway .. chart will put up on da weekend

JM SHARE N BROKING go for swing or intra day tarde in da stock….

REVIEW N follow up

CLick here to see review with charts…

HLL given for bottom .. hits 255 tgt 260 by tom will be done..

GSFC achieves 199.65 tgt 200 missed it by a whisker…

emkay share touched 85 …

varun , solar , praj looks good…

Rsystems stoploss hit,,

Hexaware n GTL investments no worries..

Prajay which i hav been writin on other forums locked at 307

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