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Oil Drilling stocks will be on fire….

I had been writing about oil drilling space seeing some turnaround arnd 3 mths back and had recommended Sea marine , alpha geo , garware offshore , Shiv vani drilling , jindal drilling and many other stocks on orkut communities …

Now garware offshore has already run … also aban technically recommended… alphageo n sea marine still not found its due … Above all hind oil exploration falling buy it …..

The reasons are plain simple isnt it oil getting pricier and offshore vessels and rigs not increasing and we need to do that and who will do that all the above cos … simple naah ….

This is not the reason …. Everyone talking about demand and expansion …

I ll talk about the other side of this thing …

1) i remember reading about an article based on some gulf king who was all set to put in orders for lease on vessels … They all want it …

2) All the vessels are generally booked but the hitch is ” THESE CONTRACTS ARE GENERALLY FIXED PRICED ” … BUT NOW THEY ARE NEARING EXPIRY I.E WHAT I FEEL SOON “”

3) New contracts ka price kaun decide karega haaan ???????? .. this is where the stuff is …

So keep an eye on stocks and please if somebody could finout which cos have the vessels for lease lemme know ..

My picks in the sector :

1) Alphageo small stock can go anywhere ..
2) Garware offshore plz cum down lemme buy
3) Hindustan oil exploration only reason its cheap ..
4) Sea Marine coz i missed it at 90 levels now also good …
5) Shiv vani and jindal too /….

Please remember we were the people who told you this when these stocks will
turn baggers , also repeating it again after sometime …



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