Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh

View on sensex n nifty

The sensex makes a bottom at 13180 level we were looking for 13150 approx by our fibonacci analysis … Thats not bad..

Now as we see on nifty we are making good bottoms at 3780 so our intermdiate stoploss stays .. 3760 …

Above all if u see indices not performing but a majority of stocks performing …

Thats what is call ed stock specific which m saying for long now…

Current view is we can see a bounce frm these levels to 13600 levels possibly but the trend doesnt get bullish b4 we sustain 13800 keep that mind …

IT stocks n IT training on fire check this

Stocks for gains :

1) Allsec , Niit tech , Patni , Scandent above 135 in IT look out ….

2) Dishamn Pharma n elder

3) Etc and jagran going fine

4) PTC i repeat 54 level …

5 ) Timken India virgin stock ….

Circuit hitters …

1) Ncl Inds

2) IITl

3) Epic enzymes

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