Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


We had boldly suggested to stay away from indices and look for safer times …The reasons
are clear if u see from the sensex and nifty movements no rallies no falls …

But look at our recommended stocks MTNL gives u 15 + rs thats more then 10% in fno… , polaris , nicholas , etc..

And forget fno stocks u can see our cash stocks flying .. thats y said look for specific stocks and u would make more money …..

Positional calls update : Bongaigaon has closed above our level can expect it to shoot anytime …

Arvind mills giving indications of 6-10 re upmove … ,

FnO quick trade for tomorrow …

Hero honda if sustains 765 can give 780 – 800 in 1-4 days …

Many stocks have jumped and people would be saying why am i not recommending when so much of midcap is buzzing …

I wont like to give you a stock which u get 5% up tomorrow and hits 20% circuit but if u take delivery u end up at loss on the day u can sel…

Sectors that i like : You all know it realty n IT …

Realty stocks can be in reckoning tomorrow it seems …..

keep a track of BSEL , Ashiana housing , Prajay engineers ( gem ) , Unity infra

elder pharma , Natco pharma n PTC frm our picks look good

Sugars :

I am not recommending to buy sugar fundamentally as of now .. But yes expect a sharp upmove tom or next week … The hunch is increeasing volume and intra spurts for last 2 days…
I would advise to buy Bajaj hindusthan if crosses 223 for a target of 235 and 243 in the day and balrampur above 86 for a tgt of 89 and 94 in the day ./.. dont take them home …

Intra day stocks

1) Unity infra projects @ 552-555 tgt 567 and 580 sl 544

2) Deep inds @ 34.75 tgt 36 and 37.25 sl 34.10

3) Natco Pharma a lil risky buy at 139-140 tgt 144 / 148 /152

4) Prajay engineers syndicate buy @ 285 sl 278 tgt 294 /302

Elder pharma anyday intra spurt of 20-25 rs …

Investment stock :

Ramco Systems again , Asian Paints for the very patient one ….

circuit hitters:

AIA engineer buy n sell at circuit

Sql Star intl




I am available online on shout box in …..

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