Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh

Two Scenarios speculative from here given by bull and bears..


1) Infosys bad result ( difficult coz all my friends in infy have received super bonus )

2) Abb head and shoulder formation neckline of 3370 broken …

3)ITC and HLL break from support regions ( 160-162 ) and trendline support at 205 ..charts
on weekend and tisco tanking to 420 ..Bhel and suzlon to add insult to injury ..

Markets down 200+ points

Bulls ( i some how like this but not interested )

1) Infosys mindblowing result ( Possible)

2) ITC and HLL bounce back strongly from supports

3) ONGC tata motors in good bull grip .. Bhel suzlon react frm oversold areas…

RCOM to bounce from 400 levels sl 394 closing basis …tgt 420 and 440 ….

chart will be shown tomorrow about channel support …

Markets up 400-500 points…

The whole of india pondered about this for last 3 days …But nobody took up particular stocks..and ended up chatting then making good use of opportunites…

Review of stocks :

1) Circuit hitters…

Superhouse opened at circuit so not much opportunity to gain as dint come low so trade shud not be initiated of good qty ya small del is good..

Sundaram Multipap was sideways not much movement and Goldstone gave some intraday chances hold if u have with strict stoplosses..

NRC up 35 %%% in 2 days …Cinevistaas up 15%%%% in 2 days …

Mount everst mineral continues..

TULIP IT our old time long term buy n forget pick continues …Alpha geo to show movement soon…

Watchout for prithvi info soon…

No circuit items for tomorrow could not search much … and wanted people to look towards safer avenues to earn … below are speculative intraday circuits

Shyam telecom circuit but 5%% only

Steel strp Wheels ( 513262) cmp 171.60 at least 178 touch karega

Risky ones..

IFCI UP 20%%%%% !!!!!!!

from 12.60 to 16.40 u make at least 3.50 rs * 33000 lot see how much u can make …

Reco at 12.60 on last monday tgt of 15 then again on monday TGT 23 also written yesterday night ifci getting attractive in the little dip!!!!!!!!!!! Pure Analysis !!!!!

The lines written

But somehow this time technically it seems it can go one side no matter what how big the equity
the turnaround or some sop frm government or maybe the stocks its holding for years are changing times for the stock…

There is something cooking fundamentally i can smell it technically….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lookout if you can take a risk buy a FnO lot and sleep for a month …. Riskk is high arnd 1-1.5 re but if it runs it could be 4-5 rs …. non stop …

Buy calls of higher levels if u get it cheap for this and next expiry ….

Remember this was written first at 2nd JAN and now again out here ….

Now even IDBI holds NSE STAKE >>>!!!! if sustains 79.50 buy in trucloads sell at 84 and 87…!!!


Nooresh …

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