Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh

STOCKS THAT ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have hardly been giving stock recommendation …Because in volatility u should not take positional calls ..And we are good at cash in hand …No calls in FnO coz gap ups n gap downs not the right place to trade ..Trade less but always better trades..

Positional calls : Stocks given by us :

Usher Agro patience pays frm 14 to 18 i.e 25%%% ( Pure technical Pick Chart also given sometime back )

Camphor and allied products 63 to 88 i.e 30%% … ( Tech pick )

Saksoft frm 135 to 148 small gain ….( tech + funda pick )

Book part or full profits in these stocks or keep trailing stoplosses in the stocks …

Good time to invest in for long term …I still say if we break 12300 and sustain below that we open to 11400-11800 which i would say is the best time to pick ur picks…No worries …

Make a list for distress sales if any on card…Make a list of fundamental picks on declines..

Example Alpha geo went to 180 levels back to 200 ++… Rolta went to 270 back to 365…So If u are alert opportunities are always there…




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