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In the last few weeks all the people tell me man i m into losses and my portfolio is down by 30% or more ….This is what happens in the end of bull run …

People with hardly any knowledge get into the bull run hoping for inappropriate gains like 50% -100% in a short span of time … The brokers do give their recommendations , big houses come out with big targets , Pennies are forecasted to be 5-10 baggers ( tell me if that was so easy no one would study or do any other profession ) ….operator fronts or no knowledge analysts spring up with calls on pennies which remain like a certificate of honour in ur demat account for years….

Am i saying something new no but people still tend do the same….Nobody wants to gain knowledge only money which in the end slips of with preposterous hopes of gaining some day or the other ….

So many analysts gave u buy calls at 14500 and also now in the spanking have shut shop …. its easier to make money by pure luck play in bullish markets for months but to loose it in the same way it doesnt even take a day ….

We were the only ones to give total exit call at 14500-14700 …..saved from the carnage no enjoyed the total fall with some outperformers …

I would not like to talk about our earlier multi bagger and super calls much ( IFCI , EDUCOOMP , ABAN LLoyd , CMC , LnT , Advani hotels etc u can check out the charts and the links in the powerpoint ( made it easier then to search through the archives )

Your Download Link :DO have a look those have not

In the current spanking also we have been able to find super stocks with safe and secure returns …Majority have lost money big time but people reading our stuff are enjoying …

Ankur Drugs call initated around 170 hit 235- 240 levels cool 20- 30%%% profit ….

Usher Agro call at 14.40 tgt 18 achieved hit 23 cool 30-50%% profit…

Camphor and Allied products call at 60-65 hit 100+ levels cool 40-60%!!!!!!!!! profit …..

Saksoft frm 135 to 165 good 20% gains already keep holding …more to come…

Oil Country recommendation at 25-27 now at 30.45 still a multibagger call on it.,..

Guj Nre coke call given at 36-37 hit 45 ..still hold gain 20-25% !!!!

NTPC call at 145 -147 hit 162 a 10%% gain in FNO still more to come …

Alpha geo frm 160-180 to 240 still looks good…Seamec starting now frm 170 to 185 the bus has started now get in…

Other then DCB , TCS which hit small stoplosses numerous other intraday picks which hit 10% -20% filter the same day …


“Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently “

If people wish to learn the art of technical analysis from experienced and practical faculty and want to become independent in your decisons …Do get in touch through our contact nos or u can meet us in mumbai or other venues ….Training sessions scheduled and their venues

Venues :

Bangalore on April 6-7-8 th

Mumbai we are based here so any weekend..Almost every alternate weekend.

Other cities soon …

Plan to come to other places also so let us know how many interested and your place …send in a mail or call up to know the details and ask ur queries and inquiries .

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