Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh

Dip welcome ……………….but will it comee …..

As we said before a little dip would be welcome back to 14050 levels which is still possible ….

But as i say in sluggish markets be stock specific which are going wel…

Aftek does tgt of 84 in the day …………Siemens moves up till 1280 but doesnot close well…
Areva TnD our compounder goes on to hit 1370 frm 1290 still more to come…

People are telling me we are stuck in ur scrips ….The answer is simple they buy one out of the 3 risky items in a week in which if one works will take care of other 2 duds …Even i do specify risk they would go for that only …………

I bet half the people dint buy or dont like to buy areva …justification its expensive …The answer is simple dumbass u put MONEY in the stock say 1 lac rs it should not matter the price of the stock what matters is ur 1 lac become 1.2 lacs !!!!!!!!!!!!!……….So talk in percentage and risk return , safety ,, ,,,,this is stock market and is my teacher my uncle says ” Business of Businesses ” coz u r not working for the company but still are a stake holder of it …

Oil Country our safe pick continues towards 40 given at 23 still i say hold for more …. Educomp frm 300 to 2000 almost …. Mukta Arts locked at upper circuit 99 now given at 70 odd…. JetKing another IT training co 10% freeze…………………Niit tech gives bonus ,…

DIVIS as said split ya bonus to aana hi hai aa gaya …..split frm 10 to 2 re per share 🙂 …

But people dont want to buy such safe stocks and hold for some time to give good safe returns….

Sensex has supports at 14150-14200 levels in extreme short term and it would be good if we fill the gap out there… New investment picks : Pennar inds , ABG shipyard , Bharti Shipyard , Tata Elexsi , Cranes software ….. for more read more into the blog …..Dont tell me they are old coz targets remain and not all must have moved./… Another new addition is 3m India ….

Any dip to 13900 levels should be used as a buying opportunity in selective good fundamental stocks … We remain negative on Autos and big IT cos for short term ( we like midcap IT firms as usual see our Tulip IT , Niit tech etc )

Stocks for now :

Sparsh Bpo for intra circuit of 5% ,

Kaamdhenu ispat only above 33

Godrej Inds for intra day circuit …

Will give other trading calls from coming week when the markets will stabilize ….

Keep strict stoplosses and trailing stoplosses in ur all positions ….Conserving capital is much more difficult then making profits by following the herd mentality and then back to zero !!!!

” The only way u make money in the market is by selling “…………..notional is not real !!!!
Have u ever seen u will pay a penalty and come out of a wrong business deal in form of expenses ………..Then why not do the same in markets cut losses when they are short or get into a business which will ruin u ….”

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