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Dow Jones tops out at our target of 13350-13400!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After writing the article who says US economy going to the dogs at 12530 ….We had written about newer highs in coming months on April 05 …..On May 9th Dow Jones hits a top of 13369 which is the top for extreme short term which can still be taken again in this year…

Few Days Back we had again given chart of Dow with a target of 13350-13400…….Simple Technical analysis ….Some guys were saying at times we give operator calls …Its so obvious we have operators of US also in our cartel πŸ™‚ :)….We will be putting up Nikkei , Hang Seng , Ftse analysis by next weekend…

This is my disclaimer we are simple pure technical analysts and all should know their risk when they take a call for their money …IF u have a low risk profile invest in our investment picks ….Dont look for tips in this world if there is so f….g hot tip why shud big ppl share with u so one wrong tip can kill 5 good tip trades is all i would say …:) πŸ™‚

Now Indian markets…..

We still maintain our long term bullish stand on indian markets election or no election whoe ver wins whoever loses …..Indian equities are gonna be winners in coming years ….

Sensex as said at 14350 levels should touch support levels of 13600 -13800 …..In this period people are checking markets down but look at our recent picks ,.,,….Sensex and Nifty are just indices look where u r making money ….See the portfolio that is important and that is we strive for good picks in any consolidation or correction phase or run ….

Sensex still has good support and on fall below 13600 we could see a dip to 13300 and 13100 ( 61.8% level which i dont think will be broken ) ….Still maintain stock specific approach ….Markets cracked today but see Ess Dee Aluminium investment pick on circuit 280 to 330 !!!!!!!!!!!!! Britannia hits 1600 tgt achieved in quick time in a patient pick ….. From 1300 !!!!!!!!!Rolta hits 490 + …etc etc ….intraday picks Sunil Hitech up frm 112 to 123 …..ITC frm 162 to 167 ….Bombay Dyeing frm 555 to 584 tgt done for BTST…. Vsnl n Grasim btst only open calls with very small stoplosses !!!

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Ess Dee Aluminium still good for hold one can book half profits in investment in the range of 335-350 …..And re enter for better tgts ….

Britannia book full safe investors should be happy with 20% safe returns where in our risk was just 2-3% rather zero ….

Sunil Hitech was also mentioned yesterday on blog …..I know many ppl who dint buy then and got stuck at 120+ levels ….Dont worry add more on declines its a good stock …

Stock Calls for Trade :

Abb at top of channel one can go short with stoploss at 4240

Mahindra N Mahindra can go till 700 in no time if goes below that !!!!!!???? We remain negative and neutral on this sector…

Piramyd Retail and Ess Dee Aluminimu for quick 9.55 trade …

Tomorrow its going to be volatile so cannot update much but go through our investment stocks and can buy them on declines given a list to many so read through ,..

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