Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh

GSPL , Petronet LNG , Moser Baer etc …..

GSPL said to everyone buy in quantity and do nothing !!! This was at 52 levels told the safest pick ….

But People want quick money and end up being suckers ….Use equity investments as a wealth creatio n tool searching for quick money will keep u with no money ….

GSPL frm 52 to 60 still more to come ….

Petronet Lng said today 47.20 to 52.50 is more then 10% ….FNO stock if u calculate say u got 47.50 to 51.5 even 3 rs minimum is 4400* 3 = 13200 …………..That too safe money ….Still more to come in this stock tgts at 55-60 ….

Disclosure : Gave strong buy call to clients today ….They are still holding part of it…

Moser Baer saying for so long as our investment pick running non stop ….Still this is the beginning …Fundamentalist who will read the books and say naah ………..Dumbasses understand the business model , vision and scope ………

If everything could be read from the balance sheet then every other funda guy would be a multibagger specialist which is not the case coz these guys find 20% annual return juicy ….aargh


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