Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh

Higher top ….higher bottom… worries…

Sensex is continuing in the higher top higher bottom fashion the simplest analysis as said by Mr Charles Dow ( Dow Jones is named on him , founder of technical analysis) ….As per Down theory till we dont close below 14040 we are on the continuation to another interemdiate high…

Sector wise ……… IT n Auto majors are set for short covering and the run up stocks like TISCO , etc are set for profit booking or sluggish moves…GLAXO our investment pick is all set for 1400 + ( compounding effect )…..Pennar Steels do buy if u have not …

Jayaswal Neco hits 3rd upper freeze 30% RISKY tgt done exit …..D&H Welding hits 2nd 10% upper freeze…Essar Oil n Guj Alkalies still maintain watchout for short term gains…

Sterling Bio :::::::::::;;; The only stock which has entered FNO and not moved a bit and huge accumulation has been seen in the stock ….I would put this as my next buy n forget tip stock for June >

Jet Airways our favourite is back on track ,,,,,,accumulate for 2-3 weeks tgt of 800-840 …

Short term investment picks :

Kalyani steels if u see fundamentally is going cheap .,….I like the stock at every levels if u have 1 yrs patience u can actually see it hitting 52 week highs soon …

Sasken Communication …..Another pick for 1 yr horizon ,,,,Short term also good if u want good 30-40% annual return this is another compounding stock

Specualtive Calls :

Bluebird above 74-75 for upper freeze

Broadcast above 82 for quick 5-10% in the day …

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