Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh

MAY was different ……………June highs welcome…

We maintain same we should see top of the channel in coming weeks 🙂 .....Straight simple view.... Power of technicals....... We were adamant at 12300 and we are adamant now ....Indian markets are in a big bull market till 2018 ....we have our tech analysis research for it...

Nifty touches new highs .....Waah still people afraid they are not bullish .....Well u were not bullish at 12300 u r not bullish at 14500 then why the hell are u in the markets or u say u know about markets ....This is a question to all those dummy analysts....
If nifty closes above 4300 for 2 sessions then a 100-200 point rally on nifty is good posssiblity , but as usual be stock specific ....Coz not all will run if its a rally ,, n not all will fall if it stays sideways...

Rocking Analysis as usual :

Adani Ent hits upper freeze from 191 to 238 in 2 days flat 🙂 ......Said buy and keep for 3 mths but it did our 20-25% tgt in 2 days .....No technical reasons for this simple fundamental and logic...The company fundamentals are super and in the long run this is still going cheap ....BElow 200 it was the best opportunity as said.....The controversy half the world doesnt understand 1999-2001 prob,,,.,,FOr example if u cheated in one of your college exams will that create a problem in your current career 🙂 ./....

Sterling Bio said buy n forget it hit a high of 198.70 reco at 168 ....Exit call given to clients at 194 on trailing stops hit ...thats a whopping 15% return in 3 days in a highly traded stock 🙂

Jubilant fixed deposit pays 5-8% return in a day .....Annualise karoo kya ....Call given to clients a week back ...

Guj Nre goes to 60 🙂 ....JK inds still a good Bet ...Areva T&D positonal call still looks good only hold on to it excelent long term bet

Alpha Geo hits yet another upper freeze 3 in a row , OIl country hits 48.55 .. 5% again up frm 23-24 to what phenomenal safe returns....I remember stopping one guy from selling it at 25 his old stock ...

Stocks to trade now :

FNO picks low risk high returns positional calls Buy n forget with a stoploss of 2-3% :

BEML looks all set for 1200-1250 if crosses 1080

Ballarpur ( BILT ) all set for 130 in this month if stays above 118-120

Delivery risk picks :

Buy Suryajyoti spinnin u lose 5% or u make 25% ...

Ramsarup looks good for short term gains of 10-15% , funda are good for long term ...

Weird Small Cap Idea :

Peerless Abasan Finance

Something has been cooking on this counter on the realty side....Huge valuations , property etc was spoken about in its earlier run ...RIsky bet and people do love taking risks ....They dont like my slow money compounding investments ....Intra day circuit a good possibility ....Take small quantity equivalent to 5-8 % stoploss.

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