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Sensex View….A dip welcome :)

Sensex and Nifty look all set to form my favourite pattern….. But i am a pure techie and would like the gaps in the handle be filled and would love to welcome a dip to 13880-14050 levels… Before that we should hit 14400 odd levels in this momentum ….

We need to sustain 14400 for 3 sessions if not then a buying opportunity at 14050 -13880 areas is gonna be good…

As i see it we need to be stock specific in this period when there is exuberance u got to be cautious …I had said few days back when markets took a dip to 13600 had written on messenger if SBI closes above 1150-1160 expect it will kill all the bears.. Then nobody taught of buying now all wanting to buy at 1300+ … …

The view is simple 3 sesssions above 14400 will take to next rally ideally a lil dip to 14050 would be the best scenario and looks highly probable … But out n out stay stock specific coz there is always a PAtni a Bombay Dyeing etc .etc in such a bull market ….

Ya we maintain its a bull market we said it at 12500 its a correction and its welcome ( rather then the idot boxez and dumbanalysts ) and we say it now again at 14000 too we will remain in a bull market for a long long time and sharp corrections will be a partof it use them !!!

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