Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh

Stock Specific Always….

We have been saying for last few weeks markets will consolidate and declines till 13800-13600 can be used for investing in particular stocks…We have seen good stock specific moves…Good stocks will keep outperforming and we continue to research for it….

We had before mentioned about crude prices in last month that it generally cracks from near to breakout …Also a week back we said Oil refinery stocks will catch fire and good buying seen now the whole world is talking about that……

Deep inds looks set as a multibagger tom circuit for sure in the day…….AND yes it does hit circuit …

Pratibha inds few circuits on cards… good for investors ( written 2-3 days back ) …AND now its knocking circuits and world is talking
Stocks to Watch :

Nalco we have been bullish on this counter for a medium term perspective for quite long …One can buy if it sustains 256 levels for quick Gains in short term…

Stocks to trade

India Glycols and Guj State Petronet for extreme short term….

Will soon put up reports on DEEP inds( new addition to long term list ) and Pennar Inds ….

These are our multibaggers….

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