Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh

Sensex needs to sustain above 14700 !!! …..stay Stock Specific…

Nifty has crossed new highs and Sensex has still not…..Now i would clear why i track Sensex whereas the world loves only Nifty .,…I am a pure techie and its simple more the data of the index its better ……. The so called Elliot wave analysts dont understand a grand and super cycle cannot be triggered with the data available of Nifty :)….

Nifty calculation i have never understood how the hell can there never be a gap on Nifty ….Something is wrong even if it is not clear signals on Sensex at least in calculation …

Sensex is yet to take of 14700 in a strong manner …..The strength as i see is not that great but when i see the other indices i see good moves in stocks other then the frontliners ….So ideal way is to be very selective ….For those who are with us have been enjoying this rally from lower levels and accumulated good profits and now only thing we have to do is conserve them by stoplosses considering the current price as the buying price… Bullishness remains till we dont give a weekly close below 14300 levels ….. We will see good moves in some stocks irrespective of a correction also so find opportunities …..

So use the good moves in particular stocks and trade selectively…..Investors can take some profits in over run stocks and shift to fresh growth stocks…

Alpha Geo 4th freeze in a row , Oil country continues , D & h Welding weird pick up 20-25 % , Sasken Communication money compunder 10-15 %up already 🙂 , Suryajyoti hits 5 % , Abasan intra day freeze as said more to com e….

Stocks for Now :

BEML has given a good little move and short term spurt of 5-8% on cards..

Buy any of the fertilizer stocks available near fridays close on Monday morning to sell at 3-5 % gain in the day ….Stoploss 1 %…

Neyvyeli Lignite keep if u see 68 on ur screen jump on the trigger for good runup a little sluggish stock but technically all set for a good upmove..

Safe Investment Pick for FIxed deposit guys

Gillete earlier also said ……..The only player in the segment with the best possible margins and products and with good growth prospects fundamentally seen in last year has not moved a bit and re rating should come soon …

Forbes Gokak .

Going cheap as per fundamental guys and some demerger etc to soon change fortunes..

Asian Electronics buy for intraday 5% circuit on monday …

Naukri i.e Info Edge our Investment pick is setting up to tgt 1k soon keep a watch …

Thoughts to ponder about

Everyone missed the rally till now and now when it is heating up people wanting to enter ……..Remember if you are not in the market all u can lose is an opportunity ….

Wait for the opportunities then try to hurry at the wrong time and fall flat on the face ……

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TA course schedule

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