Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh

Skumars Nationwide……….saying frm 82 now 102 …25% in FNO!!!

Skumars given at 82 keep a stoploss of 79 for this expiry …Also repeated at 90-92 still 115-150 in long term add on declines …i also gave dabur which closed of at 1 re gain only ……. Skumars gain is 25% in FNO …Possible gains 2600* 20 how much is that …..
Even if u made say 10-15% bucks its in the range from it is anything from 26k to 54 k …….Just one shot …. MArgin at the start was less then 30k:)

Link given ….POWER OF TECHNICALS and its simple understanding and belief !!!!!!!

Walchand at 2k … Alpha Geo , Deep inds , Pritish Nandy all non stop ckt hitters…..Freshtrop fruits hits freeze our small cap idea…….Many much movers as usual

All the circuit hitters given dint work and are always associated with a lot of risk so remember that and i would generally advise take more exposure in our investment picks and tech calls…

Sensex is still not sustaining or crossing 14570 levels ….2-3 sessions above 14570 expect newer highs…If we cross those levels can lead to huge covering and buying….. So enjoy the stock specific runs if u r able to catch them /…..

Stocks to watchout for …

ABG shipyard our investment pick from 400 levels… If sustains 450 levels expect the investment tgts will then be ahieved soon .,…

Lanxess ABS for intra day only …either u make a rupee or loose a rupee …

Ion Exchange and Taneja Aerospace take small exposure for short term …

MUMBAI SESSION JUNE 30-1 JULY …. enroll coz next session would be after some weeks then we might be on a break …

Chennai interested people do sms or mail with their details…FOr our SMS service + newsletter + yahoo messenger

check for details and mail to for paymentdetails….




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