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Suzlon………love to catch such huge moves

Skumars saying frm 82 hold for this expiry see today 99 its kinda on a single lot u make 35-39 k that is more then the margin on the buy itself 🙂

Below are the messages on how we updated on SUZLON n SKumars n some others…Some of the messages even went to our free list….

Pure technicals can work so fine who wants the news then 🙂

26 June 2007

meraninooresh (10:08:17 AM): Skumars we maintain buy n hold …Add more if sustains above 92.5-93 …

meraninooresh (10:11:16 AM): Buy skumars now and add on declines for ext short term tgt 95-104

meraninooresh (1:07:19 PM): Suzolon strictly BTST if sustains 1410…

meraninooresh (2:15:59 PM): Suzlon abt to give a big breakout watchout

meraninooresh (3:15:28 PM): Suzlon book half n take half home

meraninooresh (3:27:11 PM): Skumars on the move in the end

27 June

meraninooresh (10:50:41 AM): Suzlon buy arnd 1425 -1430 for shor tterm

meraninooresh (10:51:07 AM): Hold Suzlon BTST add arnd 1425-1430

meraninooresh (11:11:24 AM): Suzlon book half above 1470

meraninooresh (1:29:48 PM): Add TATA Power above 644 for BTST

meraninooresh (1:59:58 PM): TATA Power tgt 654-665

meraninooresh (1:57:49 PM): Suzlon book 25 % above 1495 -1510

meraninooresh (2:11:10 PM): Suzlon can still hold some qty seems a much bigger move in coming days

meraninooresh (3:16:54 PM): Skumars keep booking profits coz many others giving buy calls can lead to selling pressure at higher levels so we can re enter

meraninooresh (3:05:35 PM): Clients book last qty left in Suzlon or keep trailing at 1520 levels

( said this at 1550 )

Above is just a brief of the messages…..Well some other calls were also given some did hit stoploss but the stocks that move give u such gains ke 1-2 stoploss hits are no worries at all …

SKUMARS just see the links Below for how many times we repeated it

and many more times…

82 to 99 is more then 20% in FNO :))

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