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14570 done……..2-3 sessions close then 15200.

Sensex has crossed our level of 14570 and two close above this should target 15200 areas . Only concern is the increasing gaps which are being seen and can lead to exhaustion and a good correction in next coming months but till then enjoy the stock specific moves with simple funda od stops n trailing stops…

Alpha Geo , Deep inds, Walchand Nagar , Pritish Nandy etc continue to knock upper freezessssss…..

FRee SMS sent to all the people who passed their nos ..

Short term del call : Buy Reliance Energy accumulate on declines till 555 tgt of 635-670 Time frame 3 weeks to 3 mths …buy at current and on declines also

Given at 592 and right away on a run……………

BUY pitti lamination for short term stoploss 79 tgt 90

Hits 90 in the day itself 100 in short term soon …

Calls that our clients enjoyed….

Nagarjuna Fert given at 20.6 on thursday hit 23.2 🙂 tgt 24 + ….Cool 10% in 2 days in one of the highest liquid stock…

Reliance Energy given at 592 hits 617 odd still holding for 635-670…

Much more which keep on going n going………..

Taneja Aerospace and DS kulkarni hit uppoer freeze …………. Era maybe in coming days ne time…

Stocks to watchout for now :

Nagarjuna Construction for short term

Ingersoll Rand for our fixed deposit returns of 15% or more in 3 mths – 6 mths … W e may need this after EIH does the tgt of 15% in next 2 weeks..

Reliance Energy add on declines and buy small now also …

GEI inds co for long term investment only ……….Report on it soon ……..

Circuit Hitters :

Balkrishna Inds and Bannari Amman

Weird small cap idea :

Sanjivani Parenteral

Another small cap pharma looking good on charts looks set for 45 levels ……….

Some facts : TATA mutual FUnd holds 3.5% …. Angel broking 1 % + ….

Annual eps 8.89 …

Tudor India

Watchout for this stock ………Fundas are excellent and tech shaping up well do ur own research ………

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