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Hold on to your winners ……..Asses the risk and enjoy :)

Markets remain buoyant and all our recommended stocks continuing to rock …. I dont understand why the hell are people scared from the markets at highs … Nobody knows the top but u know what u r buying and markets dont become zero in a day …. Now people will say a small fall is enough to kill us …….

If that is the case implies u dint use the rally isnt it … Above all make a list of your short term portfolio its not the portfolio value that is at risk … Keep a stoploss to all and then put those rates in front of current value ……….Portfolio value – Portfolio value after stoplosses is equal to your risk ……… If you did buy good stocks in the rally then this calculation would make u comfortable about the conservation of your profits even if market corrects a bit …This is my view plain simple as always./….. Example portoflio value at cmp =10 lakhhs …Kept a stoploss to all my stocks say on avg 5% then also my risk is 50 k and not 10 lakhs dear………..

Sensex continues to march ……..Only concern is the left gaps but still i dont see an exhaustion in the candles so enjoy the stock specific rally …….

Some of the heavies which we consistently recommended and have rocked…

REL saying frm 590 hits 710 possibly 800 in high sentiments trail on … RCOM reco at 530 noow 575 …. Sterlite frm 480 to 550 then again frm 560 to 680 πŸ™‚ ….Larsen n toubro said at 1700 odd invest and forget plz dont trade now at 2400 πŸ™‚ …JSW Steel from 450-500 , TISCO frm 450 , Jstain all steels we maintained long term super n super still i say yes………

Pidilite our compounding stocks gives us our 20% , EIH has been the only dud in the list no movement ……. Money compounding effect in a stable manner πŸ™‚ Earlier calls in the segment Britannia , Wyeth , Aventis ,Glaxo etc …

Money compounding stocks are fixed deposit stocks put ur money here then in banks … get 20% in 3 mths and compound it with churning …Pidilite done now get into

Elecon Engg and Finolex Cables with a view of 20% returns….Safe and secure money

Weird small cap ideas :

Freshtrop fruits which i wrote about the fundamentals at 91 odd levels ( did 125 in quick time after that ) now one of the known funda analysts has come out with a buy call haha…Peerless abasan frm 28 to 68 …Expo Gas from 9.5 to 28 … DnH welding frm 28 to 42 and many others ……….will soon put in one if i find a weird one :)_

There is one TUDOR INDIA but a good funda stock watchout for good moves in short term keep a stoploss of 6% and tgt 25% …

Nectar Lifesciences and Amar remedies written few days back about bounce Nectar does 175 to 235 πŸ™‚ …Amar now starting to move ….Hindustan zinc does 828 ..Taneja continues…Canara does 295 …

Today calls given to clients all banks πŸ™‚ all ran Vijaya , Canara, Dena etc… KTK left

Shiv Vani and MTNL have given their first hint of a big move add on declines and enjoy …

Stocks to watchout for now :

Bombay Dyeing buy till 635 tgt 700 -720 in short term …( already reco to clients 2 days back )

Cement stocks in the mid cap segment like JK lakshmi , Mangalam and others are all set for a good move …

Cairn India for lion hearted traders for short term …

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Del call for short term : BUY torrent power till 70 tgt 81-100 and Shiv Vani Drilling on declines till 350 tgt 430+


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