Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh

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Its been 3 1/2 years since i have been blogging consistently day after day. There are 1300 + posts , 700 images.

The blog has a 7,00,000 +  page hits in last 3 years.

There have been many many followers of the blog who have been reading for almost 3 years and a fresh number of people keep coming in.

Although readers might be recommending it to their colleagues, friends but yet again i would still urge people to share the blog link so more people read the valuable information and much much more.

Share it only if you find it valuable.

Some suggestions  ( i might be asking for more )

1) Mail it to the address book contacts

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3) A yahoo or gtalk message to all your online friends.

4) Comment on the blog !! --- I rarely see comments ---- Please criticize so that i get better.

Rest i believe all the readers are very creative and knowledgeable to come out with ideas to promote this blog.

Hope to get more ideas….. Making a detailed Sensex view by weekend – Should be posted soon in a ppt or video.

Above thanks a lot for the appreciation and support which still keeps me blogging in a hectic schedule 🙂



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  • kbr9121965 March 2, 2010, 21:23

    Hi Nooresh,
    Its good to see you making sense when everybody was giving the investors the fright of their lives with their predictions.We are indeed between the range of 16700 – 17000.Its necessary to lighten once position for next opportunity.

  • kbr9121965 March 2, 2010, 21:30

    Hi folks,
    I would like to give my feedback regarding Technical analysis course conducted by Analyse India to this blog viewers and followers.Its a two day workshop conducted by them.The course is packed with bare necessary material and taught with a no-nonsense approach. I am definitely impressed and the knowledge imparted will be enough for me to be an independent technical analyst.After attending it I am sure you will not need any other course in your life.
    So folks be there and do it to make your fortune.
    Thanks to Analyse India.
    K B Raut

  • girz1929 March 3, 2010, 17:45

    hi nooresh sir,its really nice to read u blog…….all i want is to attend ur technical analysis course.i would be greatful to u if u conduct ur classes any were in southindia so tht we can make use of it looking and thanks for ur beautiful posts
    thank u


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