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Kovai medical 100-90 to 170 !! — Revisiting the post.

The recommendation sent to clients in Delivery Gains plan.

Stock Name: Kovai Medical

Current Market price : 100

Buying range :

Accumulate in a pyramid manner starting with 25% qty at current levels. Add more on dips 90/80.

Target price : 125-150

Time Period : 3-6 mths

Fundamentally the stock is available very cheap compared to its peers ion the hospitality sector. The stock should get re-rated in next few months.

Best Regards,


The stock made a low of 89 after that and was available at 90-100 for 3 days giving enough time to accumulate.

Then a posting on blog ---

ANOTHER STOCK CALL GIVEN TO CLIENTS FOR DELIVERY —- K……   will soon put a detailed report on the blog.

Then a detailed view after 3-4 sessions on blog.

Small Cap Coverage – Kovai Medical Center and Hospital.

The stock the moved from 100 to 170 in the last 45 days though booking was advised above 150.

Excellent returns. Fundamental analysis and technical timing.

Hope people made money in the stock if you did then please put in your comments 🙂

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  • Jaspreet April 23, 2010, 10:45

    Thanks for Kovai. Made a decent profit.

  • Neena April 23, 2010, 13:56

    Hi Nooresh,

    Kovai was an excellent call which as per your advise booked out at 150.Your analysis is very commendable and above all very profitable.Thanks for everything.You truly rock…….

  • Neena April 25, 2010, 05:46

    Hello Nooresh,

    As per your reco,i have been buying Areva on dips and am holding it in reasonably good quantity and now since it has fallen down,i hope the call still stands good.Is Facor alloys a good buy for some gains?Kindly guide.


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