Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh

Delivery Gains Performance Update


DeliveryGains will enable you to meet your investment objectives.


- >>> 3 – 5 stock recommendations per month.
- >>> Fundamentally sound and well-researched stocks, with a Technical bias, to time the entries and exit.
- >>> Focus on midcaps and select small caps.
- >>> Strategy on how to accumulate stocks at exact levels would be mailed.
- >>> Fortnightly review of recommended stocks.

Charges: Quarterly-7000 Half Yearly-12000 Yearly-20000

Target Audience:

  1. – > Investors/Traders who do not track the markets day in day out.
  2. – > Traders who would like to make a defensive portfolio with a medium to long term bias.

– > Investors targeting 30-40% returns over a year with lower risk and beat market and FD returns.

  1. – > Not ideal for people who are looking out for very quick returns. They can opt for ourQuickGains Premium Service.

The service was started around February 2nd week.The stocks recommended and the performance can be seen in the table below.

Script Reco. Price Target CMP Gain / Loss % Returns Comments
Everest Industries Ltd. 182 225 N.A. 43 23.63 Fully Booked at 230
Cosmo Films 120 170 117.4 4 -3.33 Hold, made a high of 132
DCB 34.5 47 N.A. 12.5 36.23 Fully Booked at 47-48
Kovai Medical 97 150 N.A. 53 54.64 Booked fully at 150
Apollo Hospitals 660 850 775 115 17.42 Hold
Kemrock Industries 400 550 N.A. 150 37.5 Fully Booked at 550
Bilcare 530 720 477 -53 -10 Hold
TVS Motors 81 95 N.A. 12 14.8 Booked fully at an Averege price of 93
Ambika Cotton Mills 151 175 N.A. 24 15.9 Booked Fully at 175
Ion Exchange 145 250 143.6 -1.5 -1.03 Hold earlier stock went to 170 +
BOC India 200 300 N.A. 275 37.5 Booked at an Avereage Price of 275
Areva 295   290 -5 -1.7 Exited at 290
Dhanalaxmi Bank 146 180 162 22 15 Booked part at 168, rest Holding
Camlin Limited 28.5 38 31.4 3 10 Holding for long term



The above stocks have been with more of a medium term perspective and not trying to go for quickfire returns. Also have not mentioned 3-4 stocks which i would not like to disclose as those our medium to long term bets and not to be given for free Smile.


Also have not included certain short term trades sent via sms which are part of our QuickGains premium scheme.

In the last few weeks we have started sending updates via sms also to Delivery Gains Clients.


To subscribe to the above service mail to or call Asif 09833666151

Article by Nooresh Merani

Nooresh has written 2774 articles.

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  • Mihir June 20, 2010, 18:01

    excellent stuff Nooresh bhai!!

    again many many thanks!!

  • Chandan June 21, 2010, 13:44

    Dude.. Your views on ubholding. Its fallen from 1300-130 n now its around 215..give view on it for medium n long term

    • nooresh June 22, 2010, 08:57

      No idea on the same.

  • Nirmal Bhattacharya June 21, 2010, 17:28

    Dear Nooresh,

    I’m a regular visitor of your website and now it has become my habit. I’m tracking your analysis more than 3 years and made some good gains out of your free calls / advice published in your website (earlier blog). I really appreciate your TA and whenever, I feel scared, I play according to your advice and it works like a MAGIC. Recently, you had said that ” it will not break 15500, but if it breaks 15500, then it may go down 13500 level”. I have seen it has not broken 15500. Your time analysis is also excellent.

    For examples how your free reco performed :
    Tata Steel – reco @ 450/- today it is 504/- +
    Hindalco – Reco @ 140/- today it is 153/+
    IDBI Bank – Reco @ 107/- today it is 119 +
    Torrent Pharma Reco @ 555/- today it is 583/-
    There are many like United Phosphorus, Pipavav, Karnataka bank etc.

    Keep this going on…..Great job…

    With warm regards,


    • nooresh June 22, 2010, 08:57

      Hi Nirmal,

      Good to see that old readers continue to reap benefits from the views given:)
      Keep passing the blog around.

  • Neena June 21, 2010, 18:51

    Hi Nooresh,

    Kindly enlighten me about the presnt status of IFCI,Ispat and Idbi as i am holding the three stocks with a medium term view.


    • nooresh June 22, 2010, 08:55

      Hi Neena,
      IFCI is good for 60 with stop 52. IDBI 120/127 resistance. Ispat can exit around 20.

  • Murtaza June 22, 2010, 10:29

    How abt a Old Blog Readers Newsletter ….

    🙂 or rather 😀

    • nooresh June 22, 2010, 20:00

      Hi Murtaza,
      Well not many old readers comment generally 😛 so i dunno how loyal are they:)


  • Murtaza June 23, 2010, 10:39


    Well … maybe they do not comment BUT they are there Nooreshbhai …
    Always ….

    And recommending to all and sundry … its abt spreading the good thing around and not money making so they do not treat them as referrals .. at least I for one would never 🙂

    • nooresh June 23, 2010, 10:51

      Hi Murtaza,

      I know you are one of the old readers. I would prefer to get more comments 😛 from old ones as well as queries

      So howz your trading going.


  • Murtaza June 23, 2010, 11:45

    Trading is bad i.e. Calls/Puts/Futures etc …
    learnt a lot of stuff on the way .. how to apply Burnol on burnt hands etc 🙂

    Though equities short term swing trading is going good.
    Seems am not designed to trade CE/PE BUT bandar gulaat marna kabhi bhule kya 😀

    imo we see 5700-6K Nifty by Sep2010 is what I feel .. baaki mkt is supreme.

    • nooresh June 23, 2010, 14:43

      Hi Murtaza,

      You have been reading for long on the blog and if you know i always mention leveraged trading be avoided as much as possible or one needs to develop great discipline for it !
      For options i dont like the pricing as they are always overpriced.
      I remain bullish on Index but will review after 18400.


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