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Price Increase in our Advisory Services

We have been in Advisory Services for last 8 + years now and I have been writing this blog actively for as many years.


In between for a couple of years we did add a lot of services ( commodities , nifty etc ) as per clients demand but for the last year or two we have started being focused only on a simple format where we just have two different schemes for short term trades ( QuickGains Premium Plus and Quickgains Newsletter ) and one for long term ( Analyse India Big Value ). Apart from that we have customized service for HNIs.


We have decided to increase our prices effective of June 10th 2014.


Below are the revised prices . For details of services check


QuickGains Premium Plus+ Service

•Trading Recommendations on Yahoo/Sms

6000 per month (Monthly)
14500 for 3 months (Quarterly)
25000 for 6 months (Half-yearly)
43000 per year (Annually)


QuickGains Premium Newsletter PLUS

•Nifty Technical View and Positional bets sent via E-mail.

5000 per month (Monthly)
12000  for 3 months (Quarterly)
21000 for 6 months (Half-yearly)
36000 per year (Annually)


( A discount of 10% if both the services are subscribed )


As i have mentioned in my note pre-elections and also the webinar about how one needs to increase allocation to equities as well as conviction by learning and being disciplined.


We do not suggest any capital size as everyone has their own personal allocations, But i personally believe advisory charges paid by investors should not be more than 1-3% per annum and not more than 5-8% per annum for traders on their investible capital.

( You can now do the math for minimum capital requirement.)


Also from now onwards the Technical Trades monthly report will be priced at Rs 1499. The pre-order discount will continue. The release of monthly reports will remain irregular , so there is no annual or half yearly subscription for it.

We will soon be increasing the prices for our Technical Analysis Training programs as well as focus on webinars and so on.


We will continue to work honestly in our research and improve ourselves.


For any queries mail us on or call Ankit 09899899989


Thanks and Regards,

Nooresh Merani

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