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Larsen and Toubro – Turnaround and Bottom done.


Larsen and Toubro


We had recommended Larsen and Toubro at 1440-1450 in Technical Traders Club and Big Value 2.0 last week.

Above is the chart as posted in the Report.


( We also recommended a lot of other large caps like ICICI Bank at 1490 …. and more and midcaps like Escorts  at 155  , Hexaware at 170. Would have preferred more dips πŸ˜‰ )


This is how Larsen and Toubro looks now on a shorter term chart.


Larsen Blog



Larsen and Toubro --- Looks bottomed out at
1400-1450 and a trend change.
Further momentum above 1650.
Dips to 1500-1530 a buy area.


Also Dow Jones as expected has bounced 1000 points from the low and Nifty around 300 points. This is the post on Dow Jones and Vix Co-Relation


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