Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh

A shout to all Ex-Participants of our Technical Analysis Training Programs. Whatsapp groups, google groups and meetups.



For all our technical analysis training programs please fill the form below.


With Whatsapp groups now increasing the members per group to 100 we will be making a few groups of our participants as well as those who have not joined our google group can do so.


( Only for ex-participants of the Technical Analysis Training )




Once this is done we can soon plan for meet-ups in Mumbai and other cities.


We had a training session in Mumbai this weekend and it was heartening to see people want to learn and ready to spend 16 hours in 2 days plus the travelling.40% of the participants below were not from Mumbai but other places like Pune, Ahmedabad,Surat,Hyderabad , Madhya Pradesh. ( Best of luck and thank you all for making it all the way. )


November 15-16

We are soon planning a session in Bangalore and possibly Hyderabad. Will post the details soon.

( If you are interested or want a similar session in your home city  mail me on )



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  • Bhagirathsinh November 19, 2014, 16:45

    Very Good Effort and i like this still today u live with us.and join us eachother and commounicate and teach us.


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