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Nifty Calculator – June 2015 – Kya Lagta hai ?

This is an interesting exercise i have decided to do every month. Earlier had used this only post a good correction or rise.

There are three sheets - Normal, Optimistic and Pessimistic. Change the expected prices in the top 10/20 stocks and you can get a good idea for Nifty. I find it tough to see an extreme move.

Look at the previous posts on Nifty Calculator and how it helped us.

-> The first time i put this up was in December 2011 ( It bottomed in next few weeks). It helped us be bullish instead of the market sentiments and were buyers from 4800-4550. Check the post – What is Nifty and What is your Target for Nifty

-> We did this exercise again when we came out with a very bullish view in August 2012 in a report titled –Analyse India – Forget the Past.

This time it helped us to come out with an optimistic targets.

Check the Post – Nifty 50 Index – Weightages and Free Float Market-Cap

-> The time it was discussed in August/September 2013. Although my pessimistic guess worked precisely but we could not pick that bottom though.

Check the post – Where is Nifty going ? Do it yourself – Market kya Lagta hai also another post on how it was necessary to invest slowly with long term view in the drop to 5100

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  • Sunil Singh June 2, 2015, 21:55

    Nifty will reach 7600 immediately filling the gaps sloping downward channel

  • snehal June 8, 2015, 20:36

    i dont see nifty beyond 7850 in june and see nifty fighting to sustain abv 8094 in spot on expiry.
    mkts expectted to fall upto 7900 before 16 june and then bounce upto 8165-8210 and close at 8090 on expiry


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