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Training Programs in your City / Re-Union of Ex-Participants in Mumbai on 16th July

Over the years we have received a lot of requests to conduct the training programs in various city. Given that there are only 4 weekends a month and at least a couple of them got to be for personal and social commitments it has been difficult to co-ordinate and organize sessions in cities apart from Mumbai/Bangalore/Delhi.

We are planning to conduct sessions in various cities over this year. If you are interested in the training program , please express your interest with your details. You will be notified of the session whenever it gets planned for your city.

Technical Analysis Training - Request for Program in your City. The course fees is Rs 16000 generally. But for now we are doing on a Pay as much as you want Payment mode. Registration Fees will be Rs 5000. We will be able to plan a program in your city if we have more than 15-20 interested participants.


Re-Union of all Previous Participants of the Technical Analysis Training Programs in Mumbai.

Over the last 10-11 years we have been doing this training program across various cities and the count of participants would be at 500-1500. The course was earlier conducted by me and my mentor - N S Fidai and now for the last few years its only me. But for the reunion me , N S Fidai and Ankit will be present.

All those who have attended our 2 day program earlier can join in for the Re-Union in Mumbai 16th July.

The format is small sessions by the three of us and another 3-4 small sessions from participants on various topics of Technical Analysis / Trading Strategies/ Risk Management.

P.S - The session is only for ex-participants of the 2 day course. As we dont have the full database of ex participants have put this up on the blog. We plan to do a similar get together in Bangalore soon.


Personalized Services for Individuals/Corporates/hnis

There are quite a few people who have been asking for personalized and customized advisory services for individuals/corporates/hnis as well as training programs for a select group/corporates.

Or if you have something interesting to discuss can get in touch with me at the following address. Do call up on Nooresh 9819225396 before to fix up a time to meet.

P.S - I am a Registered Investment Adviser but do not consult on Financial Planning and purely focused on Equity.

Also looking out for a couple of interns/associates. If you or anyone else interested mail me on . Will mail the requirements.


A-502 Parsian CHS , Opp Nadco Shopping Centre,  V P Road, Andheri West - Mumbai 400 058.

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  • Hemant July 17, 2016, 14:30

    Hi…are the course fees (16000) and the registration fees (5000) separate?


  • harshit July 29, 2016, 13:25

    Is there any upcoming training session in Mumbai which will be focusing on the basics of Technical analysis?


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