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Agri-Related Stocks on Radar – Bharat Rasayan, Dhanuka Agritech, Jain irrigation, PI Inds,Rallis Limited, UPL.

There might be some more agri-related stocks in the segment but these are the few which are seeing a lot of price volumes action.

Also many of them around or at All time Highs.

We have covered some of these stocks in our earlier reports in March for Technical Traders Club

Disclosure - Dhanuka, Jain Irrigation and Rallis India has been recommended in Technical Traders Club and the author has holdings in Bharat Rasayan. Please read the disclaimer and disclsoures and do your own research and risk management.

Bharat Rasayan Limited - A very illiquid stock but interesting numbers. Suddenly has seen a jump in volumes post results and prices have broken out into all time highs after a year or so.

Bharat Rasayan

Dhanuka Agritech - Just around the all time highs and a little spurt in volumes.

Dhanuka Agri Blog

Jain Irrigation - Recently mentioned a week back about the breakout above 80 which is now confirmed. Strong volume action. Can it be a major trend change for the stock ?

Jain irrigation blog c

PI Industries - After a year long consolidation and a breakout into all time highs its consolidating at higher levels. Can momentum continue ?

PI Inds blog


UPL Limited - There was not much interested when it was at 450 around March and now has shot up into all time highs. Can the momentum continue or a little pause and then a bigger move ?


Rallis India - A major laggard in the space for many years. Good price volumes action seen recently.

Rallis India


Nooresh Merani

Securities covered above::  Bharat Rasayan, Dhanuka Agritech, Jain irrigation, PI Inds,Rallis Limited, UPL.

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