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Stocks on Radar – Bharti Airtel , BEL, AIA Engineering , KPR Mills , Lupin , MRPL, Shemaroo, Shilpa Medicare , TRIL

Been on a break for a week or more and while going through charts found some interesting charts to be kept on radar.

These are not recommendations - Please do your own research and risk management

Bharti Airtel Blog

Bharti Airtel - Multiple bottoms at 280 and now crossing the recent highs around 330. Is this a sign of reversal or just another attempt at 360-380. ( Recommended in Technical Traders Club )


Bharat Electronics - Breaking out of a 2 yr range and all time highs. A lot of PSU names are breaking out ( another is Engineers India )

AIA Engineering

AIA Engineering - A cup and handle formation in technical terms or rather say 3-4 tops around 1350 in last 1 year plus. 1150-1350 the recent range of consolidation. Watch for a break above 1350.


KPR Mills

KPR Mills  - This has been a favorite stock in the Textile space not as widely tracked as the other textile company with K πŸ™‚ - The stock has been in a strong uptrend all through last 2-3 years.

Again making a fresh consolidation between 520-620 ( adj for split). Watch for a move beyond 640.

Disclosure - ( Recommended in Big Value and me and my family hold some shares - Please read disclaimer )


Lupin - Multiple Bottoms at 1400. Can it break above the multiple tops and resistance at 1550-1600 and change trend ?


MRPL - Another PSU stock which is now at a 6-8 years high.


Shemaroo - A breakout move done. A retest of 350-360 could be a time to watch out for.

Shilpa Medi 

Shilpa Medicare - A favorite among of a lot of investor friends. Finally broke out into all time highs but no follow up. A dip to 580-620 to watchout for.


Transformers and Rectifiers India Limited - Multiple tops at 380-390

Some Market Thoughts

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  • Hesh soni December 7, 2016, 11:55

    Having MRPL from 85 what to do now? Should hold or book profit.


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