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Exide and Amara Raja Batteries – Finally time for Exide Industries to play catch up for the underperformance ?

Amara Raja Batteries and Exide Industries are two competitors in the same industry and there have been huge market share change in the product towards Amar Raja in the last few years.

The same has been reflected in the Price moves.

AmarRaja Batteries went up 10x in 2011-2015 and Exide was a laggard in that period.

Of late for the last few months the price movement is changing towards outperformance of Exide Inds.

Amara Raja Batteries Technical Chart ( Weekly)

AmarRaja Batteries

  • Sideways for the last two years and multiple supports at 800-850.
  • The stock moved up 10x in 2011-2015.
  • Now is close to important supports.

Exide Inds Technical Chart ( Weekly )

Exide Inds comparison

  • Has crossed the highs of last two years at 205-210.
  • Was a laggard from 2011-2015 with hardly any price appreciation.
  • Now has broken out into all time highs.
  • Finally seems to be catching up.

Conclusion :

  • The fundamental view could have various parameters and this post is not based on the same.
  • Technically Exide Industries is now into 2 years high and AmaraRaja Batteries getting closer to 2 year lows.
  • Does it seem like trend is shifting towards positive for Exide Industries ?

Disclosure - Exide Industries has been recommended at 175 in Analyse India Big Value 3.0 .


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    Keep in mind that lead prices are going up. I expect both companies stock prices to start reflecting that soon….

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