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Analyse India Big Value 4.0–FAQs & Last Few Days to Subscribe

After the good results of last 3 iterations of Big Value product we have launched Analyse India Big Value 4.0 which is now available only for the next few days.

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The below note is only for people interested in the Advisory Service – Analyse India Big Value 4.0

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the subscription for 2 years and how much is the period of buying ?

  • In Big Value 4.0 we will ideally be deploying full capital over 8-12 months and it roughly implies putting in 8-10% of intended capital on a monthly basis.
  • This will allow us to select stocks over a period of time as well as help Investors to allocate more capital to equity as an asset class over a period of 1 year. One of the goals of the product is to make investors increase their allocation to equity as part of their net worth.
  • Over a period of 1 year we do many a times get a lot of opportunities due to market correction or correction in stocks as well as new emerging trends. Look at this example of the period in 2013.

Read the entire post explaining what we learnt from Big Value 1.0 

Similarly in Big Value 3.0 we got a good correction in Jan-March 2-16 when Nifty dipped to 6800-7200. We deployed a good 20-30% of the intended capital in those months.

  • After allocating the fund over 8-12 months we gradually reduce exposure over the next 1 year or more.
  • The subscription for Big Value 4.0 will last for 2 years. You will keep getting updates for recommended portfolio.
  • We start the next iteration of Big Value after 1 1/2 years . Again with a view of increasing allocation to equity.

Why is the subscription priced at Rs 35000 ?

  • The Rs 35000 price includes Service Tax and going ahead GST of 18%.
  • The minimum capital advised is Rs 10 lakhs. The charges of Rs 15000 per annum implies a 1.5-2% charge on capital on an annual basis which we believe is reasonable. Higher the capital lesser is the cost of advisory service.

The markets have already rallied a lot and why should one buy equities now ?

  • The illusion of market having already run a lot is the fact that Nifty is now at all time highs and Midcaps/Smallcaps have done really well over the last 2-3 years. But does that imply markets have topped for the long term ?
  • Also just look at the returns in Nifty and the benchmark since last 3/5/10/20 years. Since the new government came in the 3 yr cagr of Nifty is around 10%. 10 yr cagr of Nifty is around 8.5%. 20 yr cagr is around 11.2%. At the same time the last 4 yr return in the Nifty Smallcap Index is around 25% which is what makes one feel that markets have gone overboard. ( Do remember Smallcap Index fell 40% from 2011-2013. )
  • We believe there are good amount of opportunities and technically it is better to ride a long term trend than to keep focusing on the next 5-10% correction.
  • Also we have a period of 1 year to deploy the intended capital and there is no urgency. Also we do not believe in coming out with recommendations unless there is an opportunity. ( Be ready to receive no emails for weeks/months if there is no idea and suddenly a flurry of recommendations. )

There will be many more questions and if you have any queries can contact Ankit 9899899989 Nooresh 9819225396

Do note this service is opened for subscription only for these few weeks and the next iteration will be after 1 year 6 months.

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