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Interesting Tweets–June 2017

Before i start with the interesting tweets following are some interesting insights from the monthly AMFI reports.

  • Only 2% of the #equity assets of individual #investors from B 15 cities are through the #direct mode compared to 7% from T 15 🙂
  • The proportion of direct investments in equity, to the total assets held by individual investors, was about 5.84% in May 2017
  • About 26% of assets held by individual investors is from the B15 locations. About 10%
    of institutional assets come from B15 locations.
  • Assets from B15 locations have increased from Rs.2.32 lakh cr. in
    May 2016 to Rs.3.41 lakh cr. in May 2017. 46% growth !!
  • 18% of the assets of the mutual fund industry came from B15 locations in May 2017. B15 refers to the locations beyond the top 15 !!
  • #MutualFunds #SipInflows - 1.4 crore folios and 4584 crore collected in May 2017 !!!

So a lot of money is flowing into markets from various parts of India. We might be looking at a big shift to Mutual Funds from other physical/financial assets. Personally i think this is going to be a multi-year trend. ( This needs a separate post )

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