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Mutual Funds, SIP Calculator & Multibaggers–Google Trends

This is one tool by google which i keep playing with once in a while to get the pulse of what people are searching for on the internet.

The last time I posted an article on this topic was a top for smallcaps for short term and a good correction in Feb 2016

MultiBaggers – Google Trends crosses 2007 highs !!

Seeing todays gainers list on bse being more of SME stocks and microcaps thought of just doing some random searches again.

These are some of the images – I would suggest you can do timepass on this link -

Do note the trends are in relative sense to previous times and not absolute search values.

Also let me warn you am no expert on google trends and this is just a time pass post Smile 

Mutual Funds since 2004.

Mutual Funds 10 yrs

  • It was at the highest in terms of search in relative sense in 2007 end 2008 start.
  • Interesting to note the top searches are from Goa Haryana and Jharkhand. !!

Mutual Funds since 2004

Mutual Funds

  • Reaching new highs over the last few months.
  • Goa Haryana Jharkhand and Telangana

SIP Calculator since 2004

Sip Calculator

  • This seems to be trending up.
  • Jharkhand, Haryana, Goa, Chattisgarh and Odisha.

I think the trend is clear that the search interest is increasing beyond the states of Gujarat , Maharashtra and Karnataka which are the major investor zones.

Almost 20-25% of MF assets are from beyond top 15 cities ( B15) and also the new money. I personally think this is not a fad but a cultural shift towards Mutual Funds as an Asset Class. Also the Mutual Funds sahi hai and crores of spending by AMFI seems to be pushing this trend well Smile 

Mutlibaggers since 2004


  • We are back to a relative high to 2006/2007 highs.
  • Jharkhand , Telangana above Gujarat, Karnataka and Maharashtra

The above data is a bit scary and shows you how everyone wants a multibagger. You can get a sense of how much of this word is used on the RJ blog and various websites advertisements.

The reality is Everyone wants a Multibagger but nobody wants to hold but keep searching for it Smile

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