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World Indices on a High !! Dow Jones, S&P 500, Dollar Index, Dax,Ftse, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Brazil, Nikkei etc.

Every few weeks I just go through various global indices. Was marking out a few charts and breakouts.

Some observations

  • Many global indices have broken out in the last 3-12 months.
  • Quite a lot of them have rallied more than 10%.
  • Some of the indices are at 15-20 year highs also.
  • Dollar Index is at a 2 yr support. Will this be a false break like it did at the top or a major trend change.
  • Some indices like Brazil are on verge of major long term breakouts.
  • Nifty is not the only index which has rallied or rather it is one of the slower movers.

Just some quick charts Smile 

Dollar Index at 2 year support

Dollar Index

Thailand – Getting close to a 20 year breakout

Thailand Break

Taiwan – Makes a 20 year high finally.


China – The only one which is struggling the most.


Korea – A major breakout in 2017


S&P 500 – Up more than 20% since the breakout in mid of 2016

S&P 500

Russell 2000 – Up in all time highs but underperforming the Dow Jones and S&P 500.

Russell 2000

Nikkei – Yet another attempt at a 20 year resistance.

Nikkei Index

Nasdaq 100 – Up 40-45% since crossing 2 year highs. The best performer.

Nasdaq 100

Hang Seng – Yet another attempt to breakout 2 yr highs.

Hang Seng

FTSE 100 – Sustaining above 15 years high but not catching momentum like others.

Ftse 100

Dow Jones --- Up 15-18% since the last breakout.

Dow Jones Riding

DAX --- Pullback from all time highs and testing supports.


CAC --- Near a 8-10 year resistance.


Brazil – Near a 8-10 year breakout !!

Brazil Breakout

Even Argentina is doing wellSmile 



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