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Online Technical Analysis Training Session – 21 Jan 2018

Online Technical Analysis Training Session. 21st January

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Part 1 : Online Technical Analysis Training. Trainer : N S Fidai

6-8 hours.

Course Content

Section 1

What is Technical Analysis?
Do investors need to know about technical analysis?
Technical Analysis seems to be for day traders?
Can technical analysis be used for longer term analysis? Yes then how?
Section 2
What are Technical Charts?
What are candlesticks, bars, line charts?
Candlestick patterns which can help you find Tops and Bottoms in Nifty?
Section 3
Do moving averages work?
What are moving average crossovers and convergences?
Moving Average Pattern that points out big trend signals like 2004 election fall, Bull market start in 2005, 2009 etc.
Section 4
The Price/Volume Pattern which will help you never getting caught in a Satyam, Crompton or a falling knife.
Technical Indicators you must know out of the thousands.
The best technical indicator setup which always works on Nifty but comes 2-6 times a year.
Section 5
Technical Analysis Chart Patterns.
What the hell is Head and Shoulders/Cup and Handles and all sort of fancy names.
The technical chart pattern which finds you big moves consistently in midcap stocks.
One dreadful chart pattern which will save you from the collapse of 2008 or in Commodities.
An opposite to the above pattern which will help you allocate big money on turnarounds like 2009/2011.
Section 6
What is Risk-Reward?
A quick example on how to look for long term trend changes using Technical Analysis.
What are the free softwares, online websites. Reviews of various softwares.
Section 7
Additional Reading Material, Examples, Videos.
The Webinar Recording will be available on the website for next 3 months.
Part 2 Trainer – N S Fidai/Nooresh Merani
Recorded Webinar ( may also be live if possible)
1) Technical Analysis is not Just About Trading
· How to Invest Technically
· Investing at Bottoms - Technically Bottoming out Signals through RSI/Channels/Sentiments.
· Spotting Sectoral Leadership
· Increasing Cash on Topping out or Breakdown in Long Term Downtrends.

· Pros and Cons of being into Full Time Trading or even Part Time Trading.

· Trading Psychology.

2-3 hours.
Part 3
Question and Answer Session Trainer : N S Fidai /Nooresh Merani /Ankit Chaudhary

After 2-4 weeks of the first session a Q&A session for 1-2 hours.

Language of Communication – English/Hindi.
Trainers – N S Fidai and Nooresh Merani
Fees : Rs 8000

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    Sir, is the 6-8 hours session going to be on a single day or throughout 2-3 days?


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