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Godrej Consumer Products & ITC Limited–FMCG Breakouts

This has been a sector which has been in a strong trend. We last covered it a year back – Sector in Focus – FMCG  - They have been leaders apart from ITC being a major laggard.

Now we are looking at a potential momentum and breakout in ITC in coming weeks if it can take out the 275-285 resistance.

ITC Limited

Godrej Consumer on the other hand has broken out into All Time Highs… Showing strong momentum.

Godrej Consumer Blog

Just a quick update on Hotels – We have been bullish on Hotels as sector for the last few months - Sector in Focus–Hotels–Sinclairs Hotels, Indian Hotels,EIH Limited, EIH Associated Hotels, Kamat Hotels, Advani Hotels, Royal Orchid Hotels

The breakout move in last 2 days is a strong indication of momentum building up with many stocks crossing all time highs. Continue to remain bullish and believe the trends in ARRs and Occupancy Ratio could last much longer than what people expect it to.

Disclosure – Invested in Hotels and Biased. Please do your own research.

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