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Stock Performance Feb 2020 to July 2020 – One Third above February Pre Covid Highs, One Third Down 20% or more !!

In our previous posts we had shared an Excel Sheet of Stock Performance from PreCovid19 and the Bounce from March lows. Read the Post -

We are sharing again an updated sheet which can help you take a Deep Dive in terms of Stocks which have bounced the most, stocks higher than preCovid19 highs etc.


  • We have taken 12th February as a reference date as that the time a lot of Midcap Smallcap and Nifty Indices were at their February highs. Nifty Closing was at 12000-12200.
  • 24th March was the day when most indices hit their maximum lows.
  • We have taken data as of 6th July Closing.
  • Data is only NSE Stocks.

Deep Dive Stocks Performance

Stock Performance Excel Sheet – Download by Clicking this link


33% of the Stocks  are above their February Highs !!

  • When you look at this statistic it will shock you as how can 33% of the Market be higher than pre Covid prices. 509 Stocks have positive returns since February 12th ( When I saw this almost got a panic attack)
  • When we do a deep dive we see that 150 of that 509 names had a stock price of sub 5 Rs and 200 of them had a stock price of less than 10 Rs !! Huge re-rating in kachra . ( Maybe because no NCLT proceedings for now.)
  • This is the Group of stocks where one can find new leaders and also some over optimism. If you want to buy a stock from this group or own something from this group. Do a review you may get a superb entry list on dips or exits from your pf.

33% of the Stocks are down more than 20% from February Highs.

  • 515 of the 1547 stocks are down more than 20% from the February Highs even after the strong bounce back.
  • 272 stocks are down more than 30% from February Highs or roughly 18% of the market.

33% of the stocks are down only less than 20% from February Highs.

  • 523 stocks are down less than 20% from February Highs.
  • This is a large section and needs to be looked further upon. 

There is a lot of dissection which can be done in this. Do let us know interesting observations by mailing us on


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