Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh

Metal Sector Analysis–Video–Hind Zinc,NMDC,OMDC,Hindalco,Tata Steel,Sail and JSW Steel

The plan is to release more Youtube Videos going forward. My first youtube video was in mid of 2008 and a Webinar in 2009. From being very early to the medium now it seems very late.

This analysis in 2008 saved me -

Metal Sector Analysis

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Disclosure - Some of the Stocks have been recommended to clients and author or his family may own also. Please do your own research and risk management. Read the Detailed Disclosure -   - Video Link


Brief Video on Product Offering – Online Video Course and Analyse with Me -

After receiving a lot of inquiries,Have created a small video explaining the course offerings

Online Technical Analysis Video Course




Analyse With Me – A Practical Approach to Technical Analysis


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