Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh

Nifty50 and Dow Jones Co-Relation–Video

Nifty50 and Dow Jones Co-Relation In this video we look at following 3 things

1) Nifty50 and Dow Jones Co-Relation in last few months.

2) Nifty50 and Dow Jones Co-Relation that helped us for super timing in Demonetization and February 2016.

3) Nifty50 - A Quick Technical View and What confirmations to watchout for a trend change.



Brief Video on Product Offering – Online Video Course and Analyse with Me -

After receiving a lot of inquiries,Have created a small video explaining the course offerings

Online Technical Analysis Video Course

Analyse With Me – A Practical Approach to Technical Analysis

Advisory Services

Technical Traders Club

QuickGains F&O -

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