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Advisory Services–QuickGains F&O , QuickGains Cash, Technical Traders Club, Big Value.

In Analyse India

This is a post for all our advisory products. ( If you are not interested – just skip ) Putting this post as its the start of the Financial Year and we have increased our prices.  Please do not ask for discounts. If your risk profile does not match the [...]

Training Programs in your City / Re-Union of Ex-Participants in Mumbai on 16th July

Over the years we have received a lot of requests to conduct the training programs in various city. Given that there are only 4 weekends a month and at least a couple of them got to be for personal and social commitments it has been difficult to co-ordinate and organize [...]

Indian Equity Markets – Its Now or Never

Over the last 2-3 weeks the sentiments have gone from bad to worse and suddenly all the data points to have come out badly. And as before one needs to buy the dip and be patient.     At 5500-600 in first week of April 2013 we came out with [...]

Analyse India – Quickgains Newsletter Performance- Consistency at its best.

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We had started our service of QuickGains Newsletter with a free trial of 3 weeks in 25th July to 15th August.   We would not like to talk a lot about our performance and let interested people to dig through the report below.   Analyse India – QuickGains Newsletter Performance [...]

Technical Analysis Training Session – Mumbai , Bangalore , Delhi and other cities.

  For the past many weeks we have been receiving a lot of requests for our training programs which we have not been able to respond to due to a very hectic personal scheduled ( got married this month)   We are planning to conduct training programs in Mumbai , [...]

Will you be left out again?? Last 10 days to go…

In Analyse India

In recent past, high voltage drama is being played out on Indian Equity Markets (stage)! Volatility is at it’s prime, creating doubts about the credibility and authenticity of Managements and their enterprises. Biggest corporations like, Tata’s, Ambani’s, Adani’s, Birla’s, Mittals & other majors are being called names and aspersions about [...]

Analyse India BIG VALUE

In Analyse India

Indian economy is at the doorstep of a glorious future – A beginning of great era! Will you be participating in the great India story?   The biggest apathy about Indian investors has been that their participation in equity markets has been more on Tips, market rumours, Heard on Street [...]

Analyse India – Forget the Past ..

In Analyse India

    Hi Please find attached a detailed presentation on   Indices trend ( Sensex, Nifty and Bank Nifty ) in the past 2 years/ 5 years. Global Indices trends. The co-relation of Indian and Global Indices. Nifty and India Vix co-relation. Volumes on Nifty in recent Rallies and Crashes. [...]

Gold and Silver Short Trades explained.

  Recently we at Analyse India had initiated a short trade on Gold and Silver which gave super returns in quick time.   Silver did 56800 to 55500 targets and even more then that.   Gold also gave a good move from 28900 to 28300   The charts are self [...]

Copper – 386 to 376 –Quick Gains !

  This is one of the commodity trades mentioned a couple of days back by Analyse India team. Short Copper at 386 and 389 stoploss 393 tgt 378-380. Partial booking at 381-382 and fully at 376. Above chart is when it was initiated as a sell.     This is [...]