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Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year !!!

In Analyse India

Dear Friends, On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, we wish and pray for your Success, Good Health, Prosperity, Luck, Joy and all the Goodness in the Year ahead. DHAN TERAS::            Aapka bhandar hamesha bhara rakhe CHOUDAS::                 Asafalta, Dukh, Nirasha, Daridrata, Mushkeliye, Aap Se Koso Door Rahe DIWALI:::                      Pura Saal Aap [...]

Gold – Money Made on Short and Long both – 1770 to 1540 and then 1540 to 1650.

Around a few backs the whole market was abuzz with Gold hitting new highs and it is all set to 30k-32k in MCX and 2000-2300 $.   We kept on giving warnings as investors/traders should avoid gold at 1700-1900 $ and on further rise as it is totally speculative and [...]

Gold – Traders can book profit

Just a quick update –   MCX Gold and Comex gold are up 5% in the day or more from reco levels.   Book profits to extent of half or more.   Cheers,   Nooresh

Gold –Possible Top out on Long Term Charts

  If we look into the long term charts of gold on log scale. ( Log scale takes into calculation percentage based moves and not absolute so gives a better picture for long term trends.)   We have tested the top of the long term channel at 1900-1950. Every time [...]


Greetings!!! Team Analyse India conveys to you a very warm and heartfelt "THANK YOU" to each one of you individually for your unconditional support. It is a moment of great pleasure and pride to inform you that our company has grown from a partnership enterprise into a full fledged Private [...]

Analyse India Hits another BULL’S EYE !!!

In Analyse India

  Watch your Favourite Technical Analyst Nooresh Merani from Analyse India, in the BULL’S EYE program on CNBC TV18 from Monday July 25, 2011 to Friday July 29, 2011 at 7.30 am, 11 am & 3.30 pm. FIRST TIME EVER!!! Analyse India is pleased to announce an Online Web based [...]

Free Webinar on Magic of Technical Analysis on 8 May at 11 am

For all those who did send in an email to register for the webinar on 8 May must have received an e-mail invite to attend the class after which you need to do the following steps.   For those who have not sent an email to can use the [...]

Crude cracks 10% as expected !!!

    See the previous link two days back which   We had similarly given some super turning points in the last 2-3 years on crude check previous posting below :)  — Crude sell call at 145  – Crude buy call at 54 for 68   [...]

Copper – Short Term View

Yet another view on Commodities from our commodity team :) Nooresh and Ankit — Analyse India Copper has given a breakdown on the daily charts, if it sustains/closes below 405 level then it may fall to 390/380 in coming days … CMP 404 Regards Ankit Analyse India

Crude setting up for a crack

Crude has not been able to cross its previous high and has formed a double top at around 5100 level. Now if it breaks two major support trendlines placed at 4900 and 4940 then Crude maybe headed to 4700-4750 range in coming days. Corresponding levels on Comex would be 106.5-107 [...]