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Analyse India Big Value 4.0

In Big Value 3.0

We are pleased to announce the subscriptions for Analyse India Big Value 4.0. This is the 4th iteration of the product with the first one being in 2013. By Gods grace the performance has been inline with expectations and hope we can do the same for the coming one also. [...]

FAQs on Analyse India Big Value 3.0

In Big Value 3.0

We recently launched the 3rd version of Analyse India Big Value product after a decent performance in Big Value 1.0 and Big Value 2.0. There were a few common questions by interested people. Trying to answer a few. Do read the first post on this -  1) What is [...]

Analyse India Big Value 3.0

In Big Value 3.0

What do you get in Big Value 3.0 ? 25-50 investment ideas in a year. 1-4 investment ideas in a month. Focus will be on companies with decent fundamentals and good potential. There will be a few trading bets due to market opportunities based on technicals. A  bit of technical [...]