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Crude – Brent and WTI at Long Term Supports.

In Commodities

Before i start let me be clear that Commodities is not what i look into often so do your own research and do not consider this for your any decisions.   In my last post on Crude had mentioned about how the medium trend had changed. But if only i [...]

Intra day view on: Gold, Silver and Crude

In Commodities Crude Metals

Will Commodities move Up or Down ??? Crude to blast above $101, Gold readying for a rally and Silver looks good if holds $32.50. Click to see charts and read more:

Gold and Silver Short Trades explained.

  Recently we at Analyse India had initiated a short trade on Gold and Silver which gave super returns in quick time.   Silver did 56800 to 55500 targets and even more then that.   Gold also gave a good move from 28900 to 28300   The charts are self [...]

Copper – 386 to 376 –Quick Gains !

  This is one of the commodity trades mentioned a couple of days back by Analyse India team. Short Copper at 386 and 389 stoploss 393 tgt 378-380. Partial booking at 381-382 and fully at 376. Above chart is when it was initiated as a sell.     This is [...]

Gold – Money Made on Short and Long both – 1770 to 1540 and then 1540 to 1650.

Around a few backs the whole market was abuzz with Gold hitting new highs and it is all set to 30k-32k in MCX and 2000-2300 $.   We kept on giving warnings as investors/traders should avoid gold at 1700-1900 $ and on further rise as it is totally speculative and [...]

Gold – Traders can book profit

Just a quick update –   MCX Gold and Comex gold are up 5% in the day or more from reco levels.   Book profits to extent of half or more.   Cheers,   Nooresh

Gold – We warned at 1800-1900 $. Bottom Fishing can be done now.

In Commodities Gold

  Gold Technical View : Look for some bottom fishing at current levels of 1570 and 25600( MCX next month ) or buy Gold ETFs be ready to see another 2% cut in bad conditions.   We expect a good bounce of 5-7% from current levels. Stoploss 1520 $. Can [...]

Gold –Possible Top out on Long Term Charts

  If we look into the long term charts of gold on log scale. ( Log scale takes into calculation percentage based moves and not absolute so gives a better picture for long term trends.)   We have tested the top of the long term channel at 1900-1950. Every time [...]

Capitulation – Markets pricing in 2008 ? – Time to stay alert for opportunities

                    Bottomline – 1) Technical Breakdown seen on Nifty but the indicators like RSI, India VIX, Leverage and volumes suggests markets highly oversold in the near term. 2) We may now need to wait for 3-4 sessions as to how Nifty/Sensex [...]

Diesel Price Hike by Rs 3, LPG by Rs 50 and Kerosene by Rs 2 – Economics over Politics

The government has approved a price hike for diesel, LPG and kerosene. Diesel prices will increase by Rs. 3 a litre and LPG by Rs. 50 more per cylinder. Kerosene prices have been increased by Rs. 2 per litre.   Although everyone would feel the pinch of the Price Hike [...]