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Intra day view on: Gold, Silver and Crude

In Commodities Crude Metals

Will Commodities move Up or Down ??? Crude to blast above $101, Gold readying for a rally and Silver looks good if holds $32.50. Click to see charts and read more:

Capitulation – Markets pricing in 2008 ? – Time to stay alert for opportunities

                    Bottomline – 1) Technical Breakdown seen on Nifty but the indicators like RSI, India VIX, Leverage and volumes suggests markets highly oversold in the near term. 2) We may now need to wait for 3-4 sessions as to how Nifty/Sensex [...]

Diesel Price Hike by Rs 3, LPG by Rs 50 and Kerosene by Rs 2 – Economics over Politics

The government has approved a price hike for diesel, LPG and kerosene. Diesel prices will increase by Rs. 3 a litre and LPG by Rs. 50 more per cylinder. Kerosene prices have been increased by Rs. 2 per litre.   Although everyone would feel the pinch of the Price Hike [...]

Crude cracks 10% as expected !!!

    See the previous link two days back which   We had similarly given some super turning points in the last 2-3 years on crude check previous posting below :)  — Crude sell call at 145  – Crude buy call at 54 for 68   [...]

Crude setting up for a crack

Crude has not been able to cross its previous high and has formed a double top at around 5100 level. Now if it breaks two major support trendlines placed at 4900 and 4940 then Crude maybe headed to 4700-4750 range in coming days. Corresponding levels on Comex would be 106.5-107 [...]

Analyse India – Commodity Advisory – Great Trades on Copper, Crude, Silver and Gold.

Few weeks back we had announced about our Commodity Advisory Services and very often Team Analyse India has been posting technical views on various commodities on ( Go to Posts Section )   The latest short term view on Crude, Silver and Copper was updated a day back and [...]

Technical Charts – Reliance Inds, ACC Ltd, Axis Bank , Canara Bank and Crude Technical View

The latest update on Crude Technical View was posted on  Keep reading the above link and further updates on Analyse India Website for more information – It has all the details about our services too.     RELIANCE INDS : Needs to cross 1060 to head to 1100 [...]

Sensex 18700-17800 is the new range. Silver about to top out for short term.

Sensex Technical View: The new range for Sensex now seems to be 18700-17800 as seen from the trendline and near term tops. We need to watch for a conclusive move out of the range for some directional move.   Silver Technical View: According to our Commodities Analyst Silver seems to [...]

Sensex at 16k/ Global Indices /Crude crucially poised. Time to be optimistic not scared

The presentation can be downloaded from the links below or go through the entire post. Sensex at 16.6k Time to be optimistic – – Powerpoint Show Sensex at 16k-16.6k , Time to be Optimistic not Scared.- PDF format The presentation in a post for people who dont like to download [...]

Dow Jones should pause at 11200 ? Crude slipping from trendline resistance

DOW JONES : Although we dont trade this index but it is a trendsetter for the whole world so every now and then when there seems something important i do try to post a technical observation. The index has recovered really very well from the lows but every such move [...]