Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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Midcaps/Smallcaps will remain in focus for medium term. Be selective

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Sensex Technical View : The view remains the same 17300/17000 and 17800 on upside. Stocks to watchout for : Modison does a good move look to book at 32/35.Ratnamani and Aarti may give a dip first and then pull up. KOVAI MEDICAL rocks from 100 to 170 !! … Time [...]

Sensex 17680/17450 important support – Small caps may continue

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Sensex Technical View: Sensex 17680 and 17450 are important supports for the near term. Till we dont see a sustained move below these levels the broader markets could continue with the current momentum. Stocks to watchout for : Small Banking stocks are making nice pattern on charts – Watchout for [...]

Sensex 13500 support for now……. Relax and Research!!

Sensex Technical View :Lets have a few observations :— > The Head and Shoulders Pattern seems obvious but only issue is it can also see a test to neckline before achieving full tgts which point to 12k-12.7k. So next few sessions could be confusing with lot of volatility. — > [...]

Sensex chart ….

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Dint get time to post the chart. Keep this chart as a reference similar to one we did about 14.5k/15.5k as levels to sell. Similarly retracement levels are mentioned. Will write in more details in the evening. Regards,Nooresh

DLF,SBI and Tata Steel … Tae

4 charts and view on them . CLICK TO ENLARGE !!! Take your own call as per market conditions. Can take trades on short side only if stocks stay below breakdown levels for some time. Keep strict stops. Nothings changed on Sensex so view remains sameSensex Technical View :Sensex Technical [...]

Budget … the reason…Cash is also a trading position

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Sensex falls by 800-900 points – — My speculation was tilting on positive side :) oops… But was not convinced enough … So what does one do…Simple – When confused — Do Nothing !!! — When in doubt stay out… So last 1 week or so its been more relaxed [...]

Sensex trend remains up. … Wait and Watch.

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Sensex Technical View :The index has done nothing in last few days but technical analysts have started pondering widely on different possibilities or patterns which have still not formed ….. In the extreme short term as i have always said REACT RATHER THEN PREDICT … So starting of with explaining [...]

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Analyse India is changing to give you the TECH edge!! Change is Constant – Analyse India believes in Change!! To take a step forward in right direction, Analyse India brings to you a great website, with newer features and services. Change is evident in our newly designed logo, which [...]

Stay light relax … Fresh view after budget ..

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Nothing seems to have changed today so just go through the last 2 days Sensex view : to watchout for :Bank of Baroda after giving a false breakout at 460 a day back is now back to testing 410-430 support levels. Many stocks have not seen follow up buying [...]

Nothing conclusive on either side …. Keep positions light and Watch

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HP some speculative buying took place in futures at 2 pm it seems. even BPCL moved up from 425 to 460 in the day with volumes inching up in the end … Just an observation can be totally wrong and stocks might have been seeing such moves usually !Sensex Technical [...]