Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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Sensex … Time to increase cash in the portfolio.

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Before we get into the current targets/projections  and more. Let us look back into the previous posts where in we pointed out the turnaround in markets and the super opportunity available at 9.5k-10k.Click on links below.-- >  Sensex with Dow Depression and Big wave of opportunity -- >Double Bottoms /Bottom Failures/Channel [...]

Never make quick conclusions with this market !

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Sensex Technical View :There was no follow up to the sustained drop of yesterday with sensex inching above 14600 in the morning hours. The closing has been strong and yet again its in striking distance of 15250 recent top. Simply put the strategy remains the same wait for 2-3 sessions of [...]

Some Technical Charts

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Click to enlarge the charts and view also posted in it.In the previous charts Essar Oil ,Classic Diamond ( hold if investment ) , Uflex ( trading stop hit ) got stopped out. Cadilla,Nicholas Piramal doin nuthing. HUL on the way to 270. TECHNICAL ANALYSIS SESSION MUMBAI --- JUNE 6-7 DELHI --- JUNE 20-21 Interested [...]

Stoploss Hit means Exit … Discipline keeps you in the game forever!

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Sensex Technical View :Finally Sensex pulls down heavily after the non stop run. The low for the day is 14604 and is very close to the support level which has been holding up for a few sessions. Although testing a support often opens up a possibility of breaking quickly. So ideally [...]

Sunday Thoughts …

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Its been a long time since i wrote some sunday thoughts. Did start on Sunday but its over now on Monday !One of the most important things i have learned as a trader is -- Got to give back small part of the profits to the market and take back a [...]

14600 stoploss for short term longs on closing basis.

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Sensex Technical View :The momentum on the index seems to be slowing down. Volumes have not increased sharply on cross of 15k. Lot many indicators are giving negative divergences ( but thats been seen since 12k :) Simple approach suggests recent bottoms around 14600 is a level to watch for any [...]

Sensex reverses from 14600 ! …Momentum continues

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Sensex Technical View :Although there were a couple of dojis in last two session the index dint break below 14600 which was suggested as a support level to watch for. So the indecision remains as we are still not comfortably above 15k. Technically the index is pointing towards 15580/16200 levels as [...]

Buy with a reason !!! … Not because of price action or stop chasing …

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Sensex technical View :Couple of dojis on top closer to previous high does send signals that the index is yet not decisive about the next move. But a doji doesnt give a confirmation of a turnaround but just a caution to wait and watch for next few sessions. Simply put last [...]

14994 …. 15k is not far… Is index the right thing to look at ??

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Sensex Technical View :Sensex reaches 14994 and crosses 14930 the previous top and continues. The index does look stretched but it can always get extended to 15500/16200 also with a breather at 15k. Supports now at 14100/14500 zone which should be a stop for an extreme short term index trader. Continue to [...]

Few Charts again ….

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Had posted few charts yesterday Educomp moved up to 3150 1st tgt. Bajaj Holdings up 10-15%. Cords dint give chance as gap up. VENUS Remedies :Just a post-mortem technicals :) Entry at 200-205 partial booking at 250+. a nice 25% gain in short term. GAIL :Another PSU which has not been effected much by [...]