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Dow Jones – Deja Vu 2011 ? End of QE 2 , Debt Limit. 2013 – Govt shutdown and Debt Limit

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  Its been quite some time since i have looked into Dow Jones and before writing this post did look into some blogs and mails to get a sentiment av   Now what is interesting is the above chart looks pretty similar to 2011.   In 2011   – > [...]

Panic has No Logic… Wait and Watch for oversold zones to review.

Over the past few days the cracks in the Broader Market has hurt lot of investors/traders. But we have been finding some hope with index still being above 4700. ( this is untrue ) Broader market is at 3800 and 13000 levels. ( look at this image – – [...]

This condition led to a 20% rally in the 500 index, 5 times in the past 10 years….Different this time around?

A good article by Chris Kimble –    I am not a Bull nor a Bear…just attempting in these unique times to provide research that can "assist investors to enlarge their portfolios regardless of market direction." Below is a pattern that looks to have influenced the S&P 500 to rally [...]

The Size Of The U.S. Public Debt: Are The Rating Agencies Fools or Knaves – by Prof. John Weeks

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Just an interesting article –    It is quite possible that you believe that the U.S. public debt is quite large. You may even think that it is dangerously large, as in ‘unsettling financial markets.’ If you harbour these beliefs it may come as a surprise that the public [...]

Dow Jones —- 10500 is a crucial support

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  Dow Jones Technical View:   Although the technical setup pointed to 11150-11250 or 11400-11500 holding up on Dow Jones but the S&P Downgrade was the killer. In my previous update – This is what i had mentioned -> RSI is back to the lows of 30 where it [...]

Sensex at 16k/ Global Indices /Crude crucially poised. Time to be optimistic not scared

The presentation can be downloaded from the links below or go through the entire post. Sensex at 16.6k Time to be optimistic – – Powerpoint Show Sensex at 16k-16.6k , Time to be Optimistic not Scared.- PDF format The presentation in a post for people who dont like to download [...]

What happened to Dow Jones- Down 1000 points and recovers to –347 points.

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There are lot many questions about what happened with Dow Jones today. I was almost asleep before i got a call that Dow down 1000 points within a minute another call saying down only 400 points. There are many questions to be asked as to what happened like.Some are below. [...]

European Indices like FTSE , DAX and CAC about to bottom out. PIGS scare over ?

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Just a quick post in market hours. Will put detailed view on it in the night. Seems FTSE DAX and CAC can surprise with sharp upmoves in this or next week given that they are close to 200 dema and channel supports.

Dow Jones pulls back from 11200-11300. Sensex support around 17400.

Dow Jones Technical View : Few days back had posted an article that Dow Jones should take a pause around 11200-11300.The article-   Dow Jones should pause at 11200 ? Crude slipping from trendline resistance . Dow Jones has since corrected 200-250 points from the highs. ( Simple Technical Analysis works [...]

Dow Jones should pause at 11200 ? Crude slipping from trendline resistance

DOW JONES : Although we dont trade this index but it is a trendsetter for the whole world so every now and then when there seems something important i do try to post a technical observation. The index has recovered really very well from the lows but every such move [...]