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Global Indices on a Run – Dow Jones, Dax, Nikkei, Hang Seng , Ftse, S&P 500

In Global Indices

  Global Indices have rallied 9-12% from the lows. Dow Jones Its up 9% from the recent lows. Did not make a new low in Feb like Nifty FTSE — Up 11% from the lows. Though has been in a strong downtrend. DAX — Up 12% from the lows. Hang [...]

Shanghai – Chinese Market – Deja Vu 2008 or 2010

This is just a quick chart. There has been a lot of chattter on the crazy moves in Chinese markets. A funny way to look at it is that it looks so much like 2008 or 2010. A lot of US blogs describe the above as an #Eiffel Tower Pattern. [...]

Hang Seng – Hong Kong Breaking out of a 6 year triangle. Technical Analysis Training Mumbai April 18-19

In Global Indices Triangle

    Hang Seng Technical View   -> 25k mark has been a significant resistance for Hang Seng for last 1 yr as well as 5-7 years. -> An ascending triangle breakout with a sharp uptick is paving way for a move to 30k. -> Most of the other Asian [...]

Dow Jones and VIX Co-Relation – Close to Bottom

Just released an interesting detailed report on Global Indices/Nifty View and Technical Picks for subscribers of Technical Traders Club    One of the charts in the report.   Dow Jones and VIX have an opposite co-relation. VIX has hit 25-30 levels yesterday and this is the highest in last 2-3 [...]

Hang Seng – 4th Attempt at a big Triangle Breakout

In Global Indices

  Hang Seng Technical View   This is one of the most co-related index to our markets. Making an interesting formation here. A 5 year triangle. In the last 1-2 years this is the 4th attempt to breakout of this triangle. Such a move can trigger a quick 10-15% move [...]

Global Indices Technical check – S&P 500, Taiwan, Bovespa, CAC , DAX , FTSE , Hang Seng , Nikkei, Shanghai , Spain , Swiss Market

In Global Indices

  S&P 500 — In the near term it seems like a breakout with possible upsides to 1400 and previous highs. The recent lows of 1266 was close to the previous breakout point at 1265.     Taiwan – The index has taken a big knock from feb march tops. [...]

Why is it easier to predict a Crash !! — Is it a time to get Ready for the next Big Rally in the next few years ??

We have recently started seeing a lot of broking firms, financial advisors, analysts and everyone on the street is calling for a major crash and a worse then 2008 scenario. Many even going to the extent of calling it a systemic crisis, catastrophe, currency failures, sovereign failures and every thing [...]

Is Warren Buffet a Bank :)

This is just a factual take at the recent loan given by Warren Buffet to Bank of America   The terms have been simple as before   1) Berkshire will get 50,000 preferred shares that carry a dividend of 6% a year and are redeemable at a 5% premium. 2) [...]

This condition led to a 20% rally in the 500 index, 5 times in the past 10 years….Different this time around?

A good article by Chris Kimble –    I am not a Bull nor a Bear…just attempting in these unique times to provide research that can "assist investors to enlarge their portfolios regardless of market direction." Below is a pattern that looks to have influenced the S&P 500 to rally [...]

The Size Of The U.S. Public Debt: Are The Rating Agencies Fools or Knaves – by Prof. John Weeks

In Dow Jones Global Indices

Just an interesting article –    It is quite possible that you believe that the U.S. public debt is quite large. You may even think that it is dangerously large, as in ‘unsettling financial markets.’ If you harbour these beliefs it may come as a surprise that the public [...]