Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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Gold and Silver Short Trades explained.

  Recently we at Analyse India had initiated a short trade on Gold and Silver which gave super returns in quick time.   Silver did 56800 to 55500 targets and even more then that.   Gold also gave a good move from 28900 to 28300   The charts are self [...]

Panic has No Logic… Wait and Watch for oversold zones to review.

Over the past few days the cracks in the Broader Market has hurt lot of investors/traders. But we have been finding some hope with index still being above 4700. ( this is untrue ) Broader market is at 3800 and 13000 levels. ( look at this image – – [...]

Gold – Money Made on Short and Long both – 1770 to 1540 and then 1540 to 1650.

Around a few backs the whole market was abuzz with Gold hitting new highs and it is all set to 30k-32k in MCX and 2000-2300 $.   We kept on giving warnings as investors/traders should avoid gold at 1700-1900 $ and on further rise as it is totally speculative and [...]

Gold – Traders can book profit

Just a quick update –   MCX Gold and Comex gold are up 5% in the day or more from reco levels.   Book profits to extent of half or more.   Cheers,   Nooresh

Gold – We warned at 1800-1900 $. Bottom Fishing can be done now.

In Commodities Gold

  Gold Technical View : Look for some bottom fishing at current levels of 1570 and 25600( MCX next month ) or buy Gold ETFs be ready to see another 2% cut in bad conditions.   We expect a good bounce of 5-7% from current levels. Stoploss 1520 $. Can [...]

Gold –Possible Top out on Long Term Charts

  If we look into the long term charts of gold on log scale. ( Log scale takes into calculation percentage based moves and not absolute so gives a better picture for long term trends.)   We have tested the top of the long term channel at 1900-1950. Every time [...]

Gold – Medium Term View

This is a weekly chart of GOLD since 2008 and as it is evident on the charts that Gold has been trading in a long term parallel channel ( between 2 red lines ) since last 2 years. This channel has been broken on weekly closing basis. An extreme short [...]

Analyse India – Commodity Advisory – Great Trades on Copper, Crude, Silver and Gold.

Few weeks back we had announced about our Commodity Advisory Services and very often Team Analyse India has been posting technical views on various commodities on ( Go to Posts Section )   The latest short term view on Crude, Silver and Copper was updated a day back and [...]

DLF,SBI and Tata Steel … Tae

4 charts and view on them . CLICK TO ENLARGE !!! Take your own call as per market conditions. Can take trades on short side only if stocks stay below breakdown levels for some time. Keep strict stops. Nothings changed on Sensex so view remains sameSensex Technical View :Sensex Technical [...]